Friday, July 30

Some Haikus

Flowing Gentleness
Red hot this notion of peace
Light hearts, cool spring breeze

Iridescent bright
The sound of the universe
Thunders coming change

Humble as if, dust
Winter ending sunrise bright
Birthing completeness
Rules protect! I'm told
Maintain the common order
Well guarded prison

Our path follows us
Knowing that we were never lost
The path of no path
Have no investment
In proving others right or wrong
Freedom to be love

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 29

Now You Know

I love you
Did you know that?
Seeing the precious
Lines of your face
I am blessed again
The light in your eyes
Fills my heart with a
Unending river of joy

Walking down the street
I see you again
And again
Each time it is new
A fresh first meeting
You are there, and I see you
Your eyes are different now
The colors change; the light remains

The man selling hot dogs
Who piles the condiments high
The busy Executive
Checks her watch, running
To the next appointment
A small child stares up
Eyes wide with wonder
A new balloon floats to the sky

Sitting silently I close my eyes
I see you again
As I have always known you
There you are held tightly
In the embrace of the divine
Her tender kisses and tears
Your forehead and cheeks
She has made wet

Beautiful the light shines
Out from your heart
Filling the universe
Your uniqueness blessing all
Even now the light
Is transformed by you
Into the fragrant petals
From a billion flowers

A great Many see
Floating down
Your beautiful petals
A gift of light and peace
A precious few reach down
Scooping them in handfuls
Enraptured by a fragrance
That changes their life forever

I see you now
Held even more tightly
Into your ears she whispers
Over and over again the sweet
Lullaby of your name
You are home, you are safe
There is nothing to forgive
You are perfect, just as you are

I have loved you
We are never apart
I love you always and
I love you now
I love you
I love you
I love you
Now you know

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 28

What was the Question?

When the leaders say
“I have the answer”
Watch closely to see what
If any, question was asked

When the people focus on answers
The Universities will offer degrees
In solution development
Behold the birth of cleverness

When cleverness is highly valued
Solutions will be plentiful
Every politician will have
Them by the dozens
And the people will soon
Cease to question

To stop the asking of questions
Is to become a nation of sheep
Ending the need
For genuine leadership

Then the people will clamor and yell
Our leaders corrupt
They must be replaced!

Tell me!
When was the last time you heard of
The sheep choosing the Shepard?

To be solution focused is to
Embrace cleverness and abandon wisdom
To value comfort and conformity
Over the contemplation of difficult questions

These are the signs of a society in decline

Such madness

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 27

Breathe in; hold gently; Breathe out

Can we remember the past
Choosing to see clearly
With gratitude and reverence
The great, and yes, sometimes
Terrible sacrifice of all those
Who came before us
For all that has transpired
Through the many pages of history

Holding hands together
Brings you and me to this moment
                                    —Right Now

It is time to move on
In acknowledging the past
With all its glory; and all the mistakes
Accepting responsibility with
Compassion and service
While at the same time
Letting go of blame and
The need for finger pointing
We can select to open our hearts
Offering, and yes, even
Accepting forgiveness
                                    —Right Now

Hand in Hand
Standing firmly in
Support of each other
On this fresh, new and
Glorious morning sunrise
All together for the first time
Let us connect and allow the
The universal breath that is
Already flowing through us
To completely fill our waking experience
                                                —Right Now

Breathe in; hold gently
Breathe out

How Marvelous!

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.


Monday, July 26


To experience this world
You have acquired a body
Through this body
You can experience the
Essential nature of this
Illusion called physicality

Ah! Life in duality

            Female (not male)
            Male (not female)

Do you require more examples?


The real question
—    IS —

Can you be comfortable (doubtful!)
Can you keep in your skin (barely!)

            When you realize that
                        To become the whole
                        You must become the merge
Allow yourself to become
The union of extremes

How extreme can you be?

            Will you even dare?
                        To touch this line
Or will you jump in
And blown the line away

                        The not you
                        And you

What will you feel when
You let all the opposing forces
Do the holy rock and roll
Down deep in your soul

Just like a big ‘ol car battery
The sparks fly and the juice flows

When the universal “plus”
And the great cosmic “minus“
Merge inside you

Can ‘ya dig it?

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 25

You Are the Source

Part V

Huge and immense
Of great significance
Totally equal in every way
Divine. Unique. Without beginning or end.

We are not separate!

The delicate and gentle beauty
Of our great oneness
Has not once
Ever been shattered

Each of us
Resplendent in our own
Special magnificence

To celebrate this
At every opportunity

Breathe it in
So deeply enough
To cause even our
DNA and beyond
To mutate and explode
In fireworks of
Joy and remembrance

When you freely choose
To see only this in me

And I freely choose to see
Only this in you


            We see anew
            We remember
            We know

In this way we see each other
As we have always been

We were never lost!

When we choose to live from this place
How marvelous it all is!

Watch out, the world is about to change!

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 24

You Are the Source

Part IV

Peace is!
Peace flows freely
It is active and engaged

Passivity and
Is the domain of the critics

Flowing freely
It is only in this way
The presence of peace is
Known and felt

It is the doorway
We must choose to
Walk through when
We choose to become
All that we are

Peace is the free exchange
Of all that is
Exuberant gifting, and yes
The re-gifting of Ideas
Of Art, Music and Culture
And, of course
Our most Intimate Selves

It can be the free choice
From those who have
Been given much to share
With those who have less

Demand and force
Criticize and coerce
These are not the road signs
On the highway to peace

We have the power
To make new choices
With billion and million “aires”
To numerous to count
Should any one go without food
Or not have a safe place to live?

Here’s a thought—

Choose not to:
            Be fearful
            Be Angry
            Be hateful
            Be violent
            Kill any living creature

Ask our leaders not to imagine that war is ever a solution

When confusion and doubt arises
Ask your Mother
The Universe for a higher solution

Peace Is !

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Friday, July 23

You Are the Source

Part III
I know it
I have been there to
Being lost and homeless
The way back …, back to where?

Or, for that matter despite
What the GPS locator says
Where exactly
            Is here?

For a moment
Consider this—
            It is not possible to
            Become lost or separated
            From a place we never left

This place we all search for
A place we can call home
Has never left us
It moves as we move
Indeed it travels with us


So …, back to our sitting

Breathe freely
Choose to allow yourself
            This simple pleasure
                                                            Just                              Breathe

For a moment or two
Allow it further
For a few more seconds

Just a reminder:
Remember to breathe in …, and …, out
(Sometimes we forget the simple things)
Allow it further
Expand to a comfortable few minutes
            Each day
                                    In                                 out
            Just                                                                  Breathe

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 22

You Are the Source

Part II

Racing and rushing about
Where are the car keys?
And pick up the kids
Workouts at the gym and
Make it to the Doctor’s by 4
And, oh yes, must remember to
Get up early; be at work on time
As required (so they say!)
Seek not to possess any form
Allow no form to possess you
Go beyond the illusion of form
Breathe deep the wisdom that lies beyond
Drink fully and be nourished
By the infinite beauty that lives
As if hidden, yet always fully present
To experience this is to be
At the center of where love dwells
We’ve all done it
We do it to ourselves
And each other; striving — achieving
Speedily along the path
Of been there and done that
Ever onward to the next — what’s next?
Please come and sit with me
By sitting together we can
Enter into calmness
We can become the
Ever present stillness
Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 21

You Are the Source

Part I
To be source
The creator of forms
Be not caught up with any form

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 20

In Simple Silence They Sat

Quickly now! They shouted
The Guest will be here soon
There is so little time to prepare
Oh! Make ready the house
Surely the guest will seek us out
With the all the plans we have made
What banquets, Grand Pujas
And fine discussions we will have!
Away from the commotion
At the edge of town She sweeps
Every day sweeping
The barely visible path to Her dwelling
The well-tended late morning fire
Burns bright from Her devotion
Her voice is soft and gentle
Today I sweep for Thee she whispers.
Her body is ancient
She has seen the great mountains in their youth
The towering redwoods and giant sequoias
She cared for as saplings
On the edge of the great forest
Her house, open on one side is ever filled
There is grand delight in their faces
Children smile from the stories She tells
You there, old woman
Don’t you know the Guest is coming
The learned and important say
As they confront her in her sweeping
Cease this useless and endless sweeping
Surely you can plainly see
The Guest will never come to a mere hut
Such as this with only three walls
Please take no offense of my house or me
Simplicity is a blessing
My needs are few and I am well provided for
Sweeping is my life work
The house I sweep is ever open to the Divine
As all are welcome here
I am glad for your excitement about our Guest
Please I entreat thee stay and sweep
Woman, old and decrepit, end this foolishness!
The Guest will be here soon.
Have you become blind now too?
Are you not aware of whom you are speaking to?
We are the learned and important
Highly educated and prosperous we are
There is nothing to eat and nowhere to sit
What would the guest want to hear from you!
Fine pillows of linen and silk
Newly made for our Guest
Oxcarts and wagons overflow
Only the ripest fruit
Succulent and moist
The Guest has chosen
The peak of the harvest
A most auspicious time
If you expect to see the Guest
You will have to come with us
How excellently we have prepared
How hard we have labored
Hours we have spent preparing the topics
The Guest will spend long hours
Enraptured by all we have learned
The highest teachings the Guest will share
The dust begins to settle
Gently She sweeps the path
The Night sky begins to glow
The fire She tends burns brightly now
She lives each day in this moment
The constant devotion of Her Sweeping
The ever-present Guest now luminescent
Beloved Sister, please sit with Me and sweep
Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Phantoms in the mist

I have met
And shared countless meals with
Spent long hours in
Enraptured conversation
With the most powerful being
I have looked deep into
Those magnificent eyes
That sees only love and forgiveness
The face of unending gentle kindness
That never turns away from me
Truly it is from
The heart center that flows
A force so powerful that it
Rocks to the deepest foundations
This entire multi-verse
Love is the only force
Of all that is
You are
            This being of infinite power
You are
            The most powerful force
            That rocks this ‘verse
You are
            The love that is all that is;
            and, so am I
This is the only real power
It lives at the core of all
If flows freely and unrestrained
From you to me, and back again
All that appears powerful
Outside of this
Is illusory
Phantoms in the mist
Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Monday, July 19

The stars of heaven

Let your mind go
Wherever it will
Look with devotion
To the depths of
The darkest part
Of the night sky
Push yourself not
In a specific direction
Your innate being-ness
Already knows all
The cardinal compass points
Of the infinite landscape
Reach and strive not
Towards any goal
Neither obvious or obscured
Seek not the bright pole star
The fixed points are already known
Your bliss lives not there
The glorious infinite bliss
Of your own being
Actively living and breathing
Is not found on any map
There is no fixed point in the cosmos
It resides in you; that infinite space flowing
In-between the stars of heaven
Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 18

A letter to my friend


As most of you know this past year has brought many challenges to my doorstep. Through it all there has been a deeper more internal aspect to this past year that I have struggled with until now to put into words.
In this letter I wrote today to my long time friend Dr. Josephine Hauer Ed. D. I think I have been able to reveal something that is both highly personal and insightful. Dr. Hauer has been gracious enough to allow me to send this personal letter to her to all of you.
For those of you who have been reading my poetry for a while you will find familiar themes, as well as a more intimate view of the place where my poetry often starts.
Hi Josie,
I know, the PS goes at the end. However I just wanted to say that as the music played on while I wrote this it became clear that this was one of the special moments when the already present connectedness of all that is makes itself an active part of this dance we are in right now.

Allowing the present moment to be the unique miracle that it is,  So… I just wanted you to know that throughout this letter you will see how the music winds it way through this writing. To me it is like some 100 year old trellis lilac that has always been there, but only comes into our awareness when its beautiful fragrance reminds, with a gentle, Hello!
On to the letter!
I am sitting here looking out the window at the grass, struggling to be green in the 90 degree heat. Seems odd that. From my window I can see the Columbia River not more than a half a mile away. It is so wide here that the various grain barges and the far bank form the horizon.
There is a fan blowing back and forth on my desk creating a nice, reasonably cool, but artificial summer breeze. The boys are busy with their house cleaning chores for the week. (Only 3 days late this week)
Ana is out with her friends on her regular Sunday gathering of like minds. Part girls day out, part spiritual/philosophical discussion group combined with food and/or a movie.
Alyssa is over at her best friends house for a birthday party and the compulsory (and thankfully) all day wear-out-somebody-else's-parental units-at-the-swimming-pool day of fun, food and miniature golf.
Me? Well, aside from sitting here listening to classic Peter, Paul & Mary (I have all their albums on my hard drive) tunes on the 'puter. Trying not very successfully to work through today's portion of pain that the universe thinks I need. Actually I am doing much better. I have transitioned out of my power wheelchair and am trying to walk more every day.
{ Marty Travers just sang the words " The answer is blow'in in the wind"}
I have come to realize that my healing process is going to remain a 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards process for quite some time. There is so much that is intertwined. My low thyroid, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain and the fatigue that those four produce can make it impossible to get out of bed for days. I have lived my whole life more on inspiration and spiritual energy than on physical capacity. Now I need to be careful as I still run on some very high (in my opinion) octane energy and this 47 year old body still willingly follows, but now only at great cost.
{ Marty Travers just sang the words " All my trials Lord, will soon be over"}
You know , it's one thing to talk about spirituality with all the requisite conversations about path, journey, faith, truth, gurus, teachers, messiahs (small "t, g, t, m" on purpose) and all the so called required talismans of a spiritual life. It is another for all that to fall away like a worn out but much treasured pair of jeans. Each hole and tear; each loving stitch of repair a memory of some special moment or person.
This is a part of the quiet that I speak of. It is a kind of peaceful place that moves with me.
{ Marty Travers just sang the words " It'll shake the windows and rattle your walls for the times they are a 'changin' "}
It sort of came on slowly almost, in fact, at the beginning, completely imperceptible and it is now part of my full waking experience. Everything is different. The colors are brighter. The empty spaces are filled in. The contrast between light and shadow are more distinct. When I walk I feel as though I am moving through a fluid of sorts. It does not hinder me in any way, and, in fact, if I pay attention I can feel that I am in a kind of flow. Like a personal river that moves with me. If you have ever swam in a river with a very mild current you will have felt some of what I mean.
There is a kind of pulling and pushing at the same time.  
{ Peter Paul & Mary just sang with the audience " Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham "}
There is a very real, or at least real to me, place that is only a breath away. And even though this place took many breaths, to the point of being out of breath, to get to, I realize now that it has always been there. I am also fully aware of how much more difficult I made it than it ever needed.
In this place, all pain is gone. It just flows out of me, like the water evaporating off my back as I get out of the shower. It is at once still, quiet and empty. Only, full of life, oneness, peace and love. Very soon I become aware that there is a process going on that I am fully part of. It is hard to describe this as it is part of a unified wholeness. I can describe the parts separately but that is at best a gross distortion of the experience.
Keep in mind that this all happens in one breath, and is repeated with each breath after that.
{ Peter Paul & Mary just sang with the audience " there'll be singing in that land, there is freedom in than land, where I am bound"}
It is like holding infinite nothingness in your left hand and being aware that you are that infinite nothingness, and holding all that is in your right hand and being aware that you are all that is. This is a place beyond all form and vision. It is both extremely bright and intensely dark at the same time. This sounds strange and impossible I know, but to me it is very real. If I focus on the light there is an amazing clarity and piercing brilliance. If I focus on the dark it is warm and healing as though entering the womb of all life.
If I let go of this focus then the two seeming opposites merge. It is like taking the left hand holding the infinite nothingness and the right hand holding all that is and bringing the two together. At first there is a process happening, that I am aware that I am not separate from, of all that is flowing into infinite nothingness and out of infinite nothingness flows all that is. (I feel challenged by the sentence structure here)(not used to writing to an Ed. D. audience [ this is me poking you in the ribs and snickering] )
It is here where it all changes. In the example of bringing the left and right hands together it is as if the cosmos it self is about to collide. But it doesn’t. Well sort of. There is a rush of energy and I do mean R-U-S-H but it is one of calmness, a gentleness of love both embracing and expanding. It’s like being the witness to a conception of sorts and being the conception at the same time.
For me, the first time this happened, I refused to believe it. My mind just could not wrap itself around the idea that such extreme opposites could live in the same space. This is where the hammer dropped. The always expected “other shoe”, so to speak.
It is possible to go beyond this point, and even beyond that. This is the space I now live in; that is so much a part of my waking experience that I spoke of earlier. This place is where infinite nothingness and all that is merge and become inseparable.
{ Peter Paul & Mary are singing If I were Free, in French! }
tears flowing, sorry… brb …
… I’m back, sorry.
It is here that for the first time (about a year ago) I realized some things:

All that is and infinite nothingness has not and do not exist separately.
That, you, me and everyone else has never been separated from this place.
That you, me and everyone have always been in complete oneness at a place beyond this point; and all that we are, together, flows from this place.
In my experience, in this place, that I can only call a union of infinite uniqueness and expressive eternal expansion, that everything stops. And everything begins. There is intense quiet here. Even the word stillness expresses more movement than exists here. I should note here that I am fully conscious of myself being me sitting in my room and I am free to focus on what I wish. I can stay in this union or I can focus on other things. It was strange at first to be in this place of immense intense experience and yet have the complete freedom to be or do what I wish. The freedom was a shock at first. But it is here where I felt that I could breathe for the first time.
{ Peter Paul & Mary are singing " Well, well, well who’s that calling, spirit is a moving all over the land "}
It’s not really like being in two places at once, but rather awareness that there is consciousness everywhere and in everything and that it is all inside of me. Inside all of us. Sitting in my room or outside or riding the bus does not seem to change my awareness of this place. Does it sound weird to say that, to me, it is like it travels with me and at the same time I travel with it. If I choose to be still for a moment I can feel the curve of the earth under me. Stiller yet and can sense the energy of the planet and everything on it. I have sensed butterflies in the Amazon, whales in the pacific, and, yes, sadly, death, killing, rape and murder all at once or individually. In my experience Jung’s collective unconscious is just a road sign here on a much deeper and thankfully, happier journey.
After writing this last bit I am concerned that I have said things that scare you. Please don’t be scared as there is no power thing going on here. Given the years of love we have shared together, I feel it would be a disservice to you not to share what is happening with me.
In this place of union there is no fear. There is only gentleness. It is here that the struggle for power becomes laughable. It is here that our oneness lives in the cells of all of us. Real. Palatable.
{ Peter Yarrow is singing The Great Mandela(the wheel) " I will never kill another… he is fasting until the killing is over"}
In this place there is completeness. Beyond the state of just not wanting, is a place where wanting never existed. Like I said though there is a place beyond even this.
{ Peter Paul & Mary are singing I dig Rock & Roll Music " I think I could say something, if you know what I mean, but if I really say it the radio won’t play it. Unless I lay it between the lines"}
The union of infinite nothingness and all that is, when they appear as one there is a doorway of sorts that is opened. Remember, this is already a place beyond form, so I do not see a door. With that said, in this place where these two incredible extremes breathe together the grand universal breath there is more. I sat at this door too bewildered to go in for over a year. I was really not sure what would happen! Also as I discovered it is not a place one enters by choice. At this point any thought of doing or accomplishing only takes you backwards.
I knew there was a deeper place I sensed that there was a grand courtyard, so to speak, (no forms remember!) waiting for me. The reality here is that I need to allow all the extremes of duality to merge inside me. This is what it means to jump into the river of life. To merge into the flow of the cosmic sacred and juicy dance of ATI/IN. (all that is / infinite nothingness, I just got tired of typing it over and over) A swirling, multi-versal, cosmic Maytag washing machine, mother of all vortexes. (great images don’t you think for a place beyond form huh!)
{ Peter Paul & Mary are singing The Marvelous Toy " I never knew just what it was I guess I never will."}
 At a certain point my comfort level with this idea of being nothing at all and all that is had increased to where it seemed normal, to me at least. I emerged on the other side, so to speak. It is hard to describe something you experience as infinite as having sides, but it is easier to talk about this change and expansion of consciousness.
Love lives here. Expansive and personal. There is no separation here. Duality ended at the last exit.
{ Peter Paul & Mary are singing Because All Men are Brothers Mary sings here "My brothers are all others forever hand in hand. Where chimes the bell of freedom there is my native land… My brothers tears are my tears the whole world around… Let slavery’s chains be broken the whole wide world around"}
 The love here is not part of everything it is the all of everything. Love here just is. Not unlike air, universal, multi-versal, and interconnected in such a way that the thought of it any other way does not exist. Love here needs no response.
{ Noel Paul Stookey is singing The Wedding Song " As it was in the beginning it is now until the end… There is love… something you have never seen before, all is love"}
(Wow PP&M never disappoint!)
There is no response asked for and none given. Like settling into a most comfortable chair nothing to prove or any requirement or questing for worthiness. Divine simplicity, everyone is here and there is only one person in the room. There are no great plans or dispensations or ways here. It is very simply the place we have never left. All paths lead here because no paths depart from here.
To be in the embrace here is know only union. I cannot describe the joy reaching this place. I cannot describe the assuredness in my heart that all of us are already here. Our various and seeming coming and goings from this place are, in my experience, imaginary flights of whimsy and fantasy.
We are, and have always been perfectly safe. We are not lacking, but are in full command of our abundant love nature. For it never leaves us. We cannot loose it, but we can choose to forget it.
Throughout these last 10 years I have been consistently amazed at the divine simplicity of it all. When ever things got difficult or the way seemed to be obscured I was blessed to hear a gentle calling in my heart. You are safe. Be calm. Keep it simple.
Sure enough each time I let go of some “great and important” complexity I would see that I was always standing in just the right spot. Now I see that this “right spot-ness” lives at the core of the very nature of who we are.
{ Noel Paul Stookey is singing Right Field "it’s easy you know, you can be awkward and you can be slow. That’s why I’m in right field just watching the dandelions grow. They point to the sky… and a baseball falls into my glove! "}
Together always, simply means that we have never been apart. You are not lost. I am not lost.
{ PP & M are singing Don’t Let the Light Go Out "Freedom and justice will prevail… This is the burning, this is the promise that we will not fail, Don’t let the light go out, let it shine through our love and our tears"}
…Sorry tears again… this song always gets me weeping !
There is a real bliss in this kind of simplicity. If we wanted we could allow it to transform how we see each other and our world.
I have in these last pages tried to do my best to describe what my personal experience in living my life the way I have. I know many of the choices I have and will continue to make will cause those with already itchy heads to find more to scratch about. Some will attempt to attach their own system of values to what I have written, either to prove a point about me or about themselves. Some will try to find meaning, hidden or otherwise in what I have written.
{ PP & M are singing “it ain’t me babe.. that your looking for" }
{ PP & M are singing “ we come with the dust, and leave with the wind… because our pastures of plenty must always be free” }
There is no meaning here. Period. It is simply my experience. I have no commitment to proving myself right or to prove others wrong. I have provided an accurate description of what my own personal inner landscape looks like. I have gained access to this most private of places through simplicity of practice and these three steps.
{ PP & M are singing “ Inch by inch row by row someone bless these seeds I sow, someone bless them from below until the rains come a tumbling down” }

Breathe, and discover the universal breath that connects us all.

In all instances allow the free flow of the energy of what is to flow unrestricted and expansive through all that I know myself to be.

Continue to ask these same three simple questions and listen without restriction patiently for what shows up. (Notice I did not say answer) 

What do I see?

What do I want to see?

Who am I being?
I will close now with a poem that I think you will like.
6-30-04 – 1
To experience this world
You have acquired a body
Through this body
You can experience the
Essential nature of this
Illusion called physicality
Ah! Life in duality
            Female (not male)
            Male (not female)
Do you require more examples?
The real question
—    IS —
Can you be comfortable (doubtful!)
Can you keep in your skin (barely!)
            When you realize that
                        To become the whole
                        You must become the merge
Allow yourself to become
The union of extremes
How extreme can you be?
            Will you even dare?
                        To touch this line
Or will you jump in
And blown the line away
                        The not you
                        And you
What will you feel when
You let all the opposing forces
Do the holy rock and roll
Down deep in your soul
Just like a big ‘ol car battery
The sparks fly and the juice flows
When the universal “plus”
And the great cosmic “minus“
Merge inside you
Can ‘ya dig it?
Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.
Love & Blessings,William-
Concealed yet presentThe common ground we search forRight beneath our feet! How Marvelous! 

The last grain of rice

The Same wisdom

That causes the

Excitement and grandeur
Of the great turning

Of each individual leaf
In its own right time
Can also be found
In that last grain
Of rice from your bowl
Sticking so beautifully
Excitingly— to the end
Of your chopstick
Choose not to be fooled
See clearly not
The outward distractions
Of brilliant color
Or the seeming
Ordinary mundane-ness
Choose to be
In harmony with
the inner wisdom
Of life itself
By becoming both
The turning leaf: and
The last grain of rice
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Saturday, July 17

Curry anyone?

Organizations are common and
Can be likened to store bought curry
Some are very spicy
Others are quite mild
It is premixed
With a predefined result
The exact recipe
A well guarded secret
Based on someone else’s interpretation
Of what curry “should be”
The Great Chefs
And the Mahatmas
Those Great Souls
Always mix their own curry
To discover and continue
To refine your own special mix
Based on your unique gifts 

Seek and know the spices of Heaven—
Is to know the rarefied beauty
Of that ecstatic sacred dance
A Bolero! With all that is
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All rights reserved. 

Friday, July 16


Real Freedom is

To do only what

You most want

Consider this—

Is it possible

That what all of us

Most want

Is to experience

The Bliss

Of not wanting

When the inner

Cave of silence

Expands, merges

And breathes deeply

With our present

Moment of awareness

Is to experience the

State of being called

Not wanting

What a marvelous thing!

Our own unique

Sacred completeness

Has always been within us

Breathe it

Know it

Being it

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Thursday, July 15

Doing nothing

To Stand


Doing Nothing


Is to cross over
The eternal threshold
Pass through this gateway
And enter the courtyard of
The Infinite self

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Wednesday, July 14

Someone different

There is a different kind of courage
A refined form of bravery—
Not about drawn swords
Not about loaded guns at the ready

Heroism redefined
An openness
To try something different

A willingness
To be someone different

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Tuesday, July 13

Temple Gates

Shining moon
Making its nightly rounds
Climbs to the heavens
On an ever new course

Outside the temple
Far beyond the many gates
The waters are blue, still and deep
Behold the reflection of the divine

One by one
The thunder of silence
Invites the bells to sound
The outer temple gates I seal

The sacred lamp is ablaze
At the high alter I am welcome
As though I never left it calls me
The soul song of the ever-open Higher Gate

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Monday, July 12

Ancient River

Ancient River

Hidden from view
An ancient river
Deep and wide
In seeming stillness
Gently covering
Its powerful flowing nature
Fully present it waits

Waiting to
Wanting to
Yet ever patient
It reveals itself fully
Only to those
Bold enough to
To seek it out

Like the ancient river
There is a river of love
Flowing through each of us
Its gentle power can
When we allow it
Transform our lives
And our world

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 11


Opened wide by Love
From the One it flows
That infinite wellspring
Of All That Is

In effortless surrender
The gentle ocean
In beautiful waves
Surges through My Divine Being

My Dearest Ones
Closer to you I Am
The Love of the Many
Lives in the center of The One

Copyright © 2004 William A. York
All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 10


Simple, but
Wanting to
And deep
The cry of the soul: Keep to the simple!
Grasping and reaching complicate
Anguish from fear
Anger to rage
Standing on fear’s scorched earth
Once again, Love’s sweet garden
Memories float away
Ashes in the cold wind

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All rights reserved.

Friday, July 9

Infinite Sharing

How does one
Go about sharing
That which is infinite
No beginning and
Also never ending
Each cup overfull
Continuously spilling
Out on to the floor

Each of us a
Sacred expression
Think of it!?
Like brightly colored finger paints
Let’s lighten up
Together laughing as one
Hands wet with paint
What fun to smoosh the colors

The bright colors are still there
Why did we let playtime end?
Appointments and lists
Having precedence now
Over the fine heart-art
Of simpler times and young gentle hands
When sharing the infinite
Was all we knew how to do

Copyright © 2004 William A. York
All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 8

Prayer of the Modern Ones

We, the modern ones
The long awaited spring time
Has arrived for us all
To us the responsibility
Of a sacred commission
Created long ago
In that Great and Glorious Union
The holy midwives
Witness to the birthing
Of the great change

Oh! Blessed Mother!
We hear your call
Your Wondrous contractions have begun!

In the Light of the morning calm
A new day shines bright
What once was a tiny thought
Almost imperceptible, yet alive in each of us
The appointed hour now arrived
We stand together in this moment
Now. We know why we are here

As we breathe in, it is called into creation
Leaping out of the heart center of the multitudes
The circle of our own divine oneness
Embraces all beings in compassion
In perfect safety having let go of our fears
We stand face to face with the Holy One
In the Eyes of the Beloved we see Ourselves

With One voice we become our prayer:

By our actions
All beings now receive the courage
To take the next step on their own true path.

By our actions
All beings are learning the wisdom
Of their own perfect teacher.

By our actions
All beings realize their own Divinity
And are Enlightened


In the Light of the morning calm
Each in our own uniqueness
Standing together claiming our Divinity
The miracles have begun
Together we let go of all that has divided us
The light in each of us has dissolved doubt
Together We are Love, We are Joy, We are One

Foretold and repeated by the ancients
From age to age we have been reminded
This time of decision would come
Fueled by fear and nightmares from the past
In that place in our minds
The place where we dared not go
Upon the near horizon the riders race towards us

In the light of the morning calm
From the mind of the collective multitude
The ancient apparitions are now fully manifest
Never before have the riders been halted in their tracks
They speak as one with that ancient icy voice
Confused they ask, “ What Magic is this that we have been halted”?
Before the Circle of Divine Oneness stands the four horseman

The time of decision is at hand
We choose to be the miracle
With One voice we address the riders
“Your hiding place we have revealed
Fear, Hatred, Violence, Greed
Your names no longer scare us
Our love has brought you into the Light”

In the light of the morning calm
Holding hands and standing by each other
The Modern Ones, The Circle of Divine Oneness
With one voice we speak We are the Miracle
We have made our decision
We have let go of the old ways of the old teachings
We are love, We are Understanding, We are Compassion, We are Abundance

The Miracle is Now Created:

By Our Actions
At least one person who was afraid
Now receives the healing embrace
From Someone who Loves Them

By Our Actions
At least one person who was misunderstood
Is now being listened to
By Someone who Loves Them

By Our Actions
At least one person who believed they were under attack
Is shown that they are always perfectly safe
By the forgiveness of Someone who Loves Them

By Our Actions
At least one person who was without food
Is now receiving appropriate food
From Someone who Loves Them

By Our Actions
At least one person who was without clothing
Is now receiving appropriate clothing
From Someone who Loves Them

By Our Actions
At least one person who was without a place to live
Is Now receiving a safe place to live
From Someone who Loves Them

By Our Actions
At least one person is discovering
That in the Circle of Divine Oneness
Is the Love that They Are

Divine One
Divine Self
Divine and Sacred Companions
Thank you
Together We are Love
Together We are Joy
Together We are One. Amen

Copyright © 2004.
William A. York
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 7


Old Clouds now
Astonished masters
Stare in disbelief
Dissolving into no-thing-ness
The wisdom of the heavens
Cool raindrops dance
Gently on my face

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Tuesday, July 6


Somewhere in-between
The shoulds and
The should nots
Are all the laws
We ourselves
Live by
The laws
We remake
The freedom
We seek lives
Outside these laws

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Butterfly Kisses

Eat some chocolate
Paint a self portrait
Using only finger paints
Dance in the garden
Wearing only your
Pink bunny slippers
Give your self a hug
Open up to your
Divine beautiful self and
Receive the anointing of
10,000 Butterfly kisses

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Monday, July 5

10 Ways to open up to the Goddess

1. Forgive the person who has offended you. As you forgive you are forgiven.

2. Pray for the person who sees only your body. Those who do not see the light of the Goddess in others do not see it in themselves.

3. Be still. Breathe in. Breathe out. Allow the peace that is your center flow freely through your entire being.

4. Love flows freely from the heart that has let go of violence. Love does not know attack.

5. Honor the divine and glorious in others, but not at the expense of overlooking your own.

6. See the divine hand of the Goddess in all experiences and miracles will happen.

7. Know that you are enough. You were not created incomplete.

8. Take a moment out of each day to send blessings of healing, love, and abundance to those who have less than you.

9. Take time each day to talk to the Goddess.

10. Take time each day to listen to the Goddess.

Sunday, July 4

Wild Laughter

What a great
Creative and powerful
Solution we have found

Only to discover that
Exhaustive testing
And infinite searches

Failed to produce
A problem
What madness!

Running wildly
So far past insanity
Fading distantly behind us

Gathering up

Never getting our fill
Of all that
Does not exist

All the while resting

Awaiting our release
Lives the unending
Supply of all that is

Warmth from understanding
Love so freely racing towards
Remembrance of silent stillness

I and the morning sunrise
Rising together laughing wildly
Sharing our secrets with each other

The Beauty that You Are


So great to hear your voice!

I continue to learn so much from you.

You are a great blessing to everyone around you.

Keep going! Your dreams are becoming real; Right now!

You are a river of love.

Deep. Powerful flowing abundance.

Your presence rejuvenates.

All those with courage enough.

To stand on the bank.

In marvelous rapture.

Of the beauty that you are.

Day 7 the end of my fast

William at Pioneer Square, Portland, OR
After this photo was taken I ended my 7 day fast of driniking only water and also spoke for the first time in 7 days. What did I say? "Thank-you." & "Let's eat."Posted by Hello


Welcome to The Path of No Path. Here is the first post.

There is an essential sweetness of life
Of moments strung together that
Briefly hang in my memory
Beautiful and iridescent
Whole and complete unto themselves
Yet connected as if by some Divine thread
Holding them all magically in place

Older ones fade
But the sweetness remains
Newer ones arrive
Bright shining gems
Each one powerful and unique
As the moments they are born from
They live in their uniqueness
Ever connected in the heart of the dance

Sitting Quietly
Smiling there is only in
With simplicity there is only out
Ah, see the inner lights
I recognize them as old friends
In their midst are the wonderful sounds
Like beautiful flowers of light
I delight in their fragrance

The calmness!
In the stillness it approaches
I greet it joyfully
I move beyond
The flow of in and out has melted away
Opposites are now one
There is only love
The lover and the loved

Oneness, whole and complete
There is no end
There is no beginning
It is all so wonderful
Each moment
Beautiful and iridescent
Whole and complete unto themselves
Connected by the Divine thread