Tuesday, July 27

Breathe in; hold gently; Breathe out

Can we remember the past
Choosing to see clearly
With gratitude and reverence
The great, and yes, sometimes
Terrible sacrifice of all those
Who came before us
For all that has transpired
Through the many pages of history

Holding hands together
Brings you and me to this moment
                                    —Right Now

It is time to move on
In acknowledging the past
With all its glory; and all the mistakes
Accepting responsibility with
Compassion and service
While at the same time
Letting go of blame and
The need for finger pointing
We can select to open our hearts
Offering, and yes, even
Accepting forgiveness
                                    —Right Now

Hand in Hand
Standing firmly in
Support of each other
On this fresh, new and
Glorious morning sunrise
All together for the first time
Let us connect and allow the
The universal breath that is
Already flowing through us
To completely fill our waking experience
                                                —Right Now

Breathe in; hold gently
Breathe out

How Marvelous!

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.


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