Thursday, July 29

Now You Know

I love you
Did you know that?
Seeing the precious
Lines of your face
I am blessed again
The light in your eyes
Fills my heart with a
Unending river of joy

Walking down the street
I see you again
And again
Each time it is new
A fresh first meeting
You are there, and I see you
Your eyes are different now
The colors change; the light remains

The man selling hot dogs
Who piles the condiments high
The busy Executive
Checks her watch, running
To the next appointment
A small child stares up
Eyes wide with wonder
A new balloon floats to the sky

Sitting silently I close my eyes
I see you again
As I have always known you
There you are held tightly
In the embrace of the divine
Her tender kisses and tears
Your forehead and cheeks
She has made wet

Beautiful the light shines
Out from your heart
Filling the universe
Your uniqueness blessing all
Even now the light
Is transformed by you
Into the fragrant petals
From a billion flowers

A great Many see
Floating down
Your beautiful petals
A gift of light and peace
A precious few reach down
Scooping them in handfuls
Enraptured by a fragrance
That changes their life forever

I see you now
Held even more tightly
Into your ears she whispers
Over and over again the sweet
Lullaby of your name
You are home, you are safe
There is nothing to forgive
You are perfect, just as you are

I have loved you
We are never apart
I love you always and
I love you now
I love you
I love you
I love you
Now you know

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

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