Sunday, July 4


Welcome to The Path of No Path. Here is the first post.

There is an essential sweetness of life
Of moments strung together that
Briefly hang in my memory
Beautiful and iridescent
Whole and complete unto themselves
Yet connected as if by some Divine thread
Holding them all magically in place

Older ones fade
But the sweetness remains
Newer ones arrive
Bright shining gems
Each one powerful and unique
As the moments they are born from
They live in their uniqueness
Ever connected in the heart of the dance

Sitting Quietly
Smiling there is only in
With simplicity there is only out
Ah, see the inner lights
I recognize them as old friends
In their midst are the wonderful sounds
Like beautiful flowers of light
I delight in their fragrance

The calmness!
In the stillness it approaches
I greet it joyfully
I move beyond
The flow of in and out has melted away
Opposites are now one
There is only love
The lover and the loved

Oneness, whole and complete
There is no end
There is no beginning
It is all so wonderful
Each moment
Beautiful and iridescent
Whole and complete unto themselves
Connected by the Divine thread

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