Wednesday, July 28

What was the Question?

When the leaders say
“I have the answer”
Watch closely to see what
If any, question was asked

When the people focus on answers
The Universities will offer degrees
In solution development
Behold the birth of cleverness

When cleverness is highly valued
Solutions will be plentiful
Every politician will have
Them by the dozens
And the people will soon
Cease to question

To stop the asking of questions
Is to become a nation of sheep
Ending the need
For genuine leadership

Then the people will clamor and yell
Our leaders corrupt
They must be replaced!

Tell me!
When was the last time you heard of
The sheep choosing the Shepard?

To be solution focused is to
Embrace cleverness and abandon wisdom
To value comfort and conformity
Over the contemplation of difficult questions

These are the signs of a society in decline

Such madness

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

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