Thursday, July 22

You Are the Source

Part II

Racing and rushing about
Where are the car keys?
And pick up the kids
Workouts at the gym and
Make it to the Doctor’s by 4
And, oh yes, must remember to
Get up early; be at work on time
As required (so they say!)
Seek not to possess any form
Allow no form to possess you
Go beyond the illusion of form
Breathe deep the wisdom that lies beyond
Drink fully and be nourished
By the infinite beauty that lives
As if hidden, yet always fully present
To experience this is to be
At the center of where love dwells
We’ve all done it
We do it to ourselves
And each other; striving — achieving
Speedily along the path
Of been there and done that
Ever onward to the next — what’s next?
Please come and sit with me
By sitting together we can
Enter into calmness
We can become the
Ever present stillness
Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

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