Friday, July 23

You Are the Source

Part III
I know it
I have been there to
Being lost and homeless
The way back …, back to where?

Or, for that matter despite
What the GPS locator says
Where exactly
            Is here?

For a moment
Consider this—
            It is not possible to
            Become lost or separated
            From a place we never left

This place we all search for
A place we can call home
Has never left us
It moves as we move
Indeed it travels with us


So …, back to our sitting

Breathe freely
Choose to allow yourself
            This simple pleasure
                                                            Just                              Breathe

For a moment or two
Allow it further
For a few more seconds

Just a reminder:
Remember to breathe in …, and …, out
(Sometimes we forget the simple things)
Allow it further
Expand to a comfortable few minutes
            Each day
                                    In                                 out
            Just                                                                  Breathe

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

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