Saturday, July 24

You Are the Source

Part IV

Peace is!
Peace flows freely
It is active and engaged

Passivity and
Is the domain of the critics

Flowing freely
It is only in this way
The presence of peace is
Known and felt

It is the doorway
We must choose to
Walk through when
We choose to become
All that we are

Peace is the free exchange
Of all that is
Exuberant gifting, and yes
The re-gifting of Ideas
Of Art, Music and Culture
And, of course
Our most Intimate Selves

It can be the free choice
From those who have
Been given much to share
With those who have less

Demand and force
Criticize and coerce
These are not the road signs
On the highway to peace

We have the power
To make new choices
With billion and million “aires”
To numerous to count
Should any one go without food
Or not have a safe place to live?

Here’s a thought—

Choose not to:
            Be fearful
            Be Angry
            Be hateful
            Be violent
            Kill any living creature

Ask our leaders not to imagine that war is ever a solution

When confusion and doubt arises
Ask your Mother
The Universe for a higher solution

Peace Is !

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

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