Sunday, July 25

You Are the Source

Part V

Huge and immense
Of great significance
Totally equal in every way
Divine. Unique. Without beginning or end.

We are not separate!

The delicate and gentle beauty
Of our great oneness
Has not once
Ever been shattered

Each of us
Resplendent in our own
Special magnificence

To celebrate this
At every opportunity

Breathe it in
So deeply enough
To cause even our
DNA and beyond
To mutate and explode
In fireworks of
Joy and remembrance

When you freely choose
To see only this in me

And I freely choose to see
Only this in you


            We see anew
            We remember
            We know

In this way we see each other
As we have always been

We were never lost!

When we choose to live from this place
How marvelous it all is!

Watch out, the world is about to change!

Copyright © 2004 William A. York.
All rights reserved.

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