Thursday, June 23



For Guthrie, Ginsberg, Lincoln, and King.
For the Freedom Makers. Present and past.

It is to thee I sing.

Please. Washington, Paine, Jefferson and Hale
From the first who died, Praise God, until the very last!

In your honor we must now liberty bring

Live in our hearts, let not your gifts pale.
Shine brightly now, be not small.

Your memory we burnish, how it does glisten.

You spoke out, lived and gave your all.
Wake up. It is time.

Time to listen.

Towers of power the red-tape profit makers

Speak the bureaucrats and politicians, and media fat-cats
How we are hypnotized by these 21st century Fakirs.
Grim is the dance of these drunken subway rats.

Be ye not deceived by these soul takers.

Millions piled high, their ill gotten loot.
Others write their words so they can appear hip, and funny.
Bo-tox and surgical makeovers help them stay High-Def cute.

Nothing hides their lust for blood, their lust for more honey and money.

Fie! Those Teflon scoundrels,
They got some nerve!
After breaking the laws
Feel free they do, to change
The rules of the game.

Them’s scurvy dogs!

“No fair! That’s cheat’n” we cry.

“Do-over! Do-over!”

They do not care,
They do not listen.

“And why should I”
They say.
“I am elected”
“I am official”

… “Two for one today only”
… “ Super low 0.9% financing”
… “Breaking news, …, This just in”

Such perfect timing, you don’t think, no they couldn’t have
They wouldn’t. Would they? A plan?

Don’t think about this.

We hold our values high
They are the best you see
From our forefathers and that Great Guy in the Sky
The law protects equally both you and me.

Passenger planes flown by a ghost.
You started this war, you blew up our kin
You made us question what we value most
When we find you, you’ll wish you had never been

We’re afraid, you scared us, scared us big, that’s a fact.
Watch closely now as we dance our Patriot Act.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,
That all men are created equal,
That they are endowed by their Creator
With certain unalienable Rights,
That among these are Life, Liberty…”

We have added a few disclaimers
Just read it and you will surely agree
An utter nonsense that was not intended by the Framers
Rights do not apply to those called DETAINEE

Hear what we say
Freedom belongs to us you see
You’ll be here for a nice long stay

You must not be free
Life, liberty and happiness too
Will of course no longer apply to you

They’re after us, don’t you see
We’re told, “this is how it must be”
Try to keep that in mind. Detainee.

Those who speak for you say, “They must have their day”
Well, they can all just go to hell.

“Listen up” the “Masa” say
“Detainees are treated quite well”
“Why, they had chicken just last Sunday”

The price is high now, time to sell,
Your bill is too high for us to pay
If you’ll ever be free we just cannot tell
Charges, Charges!? They’d just get in the way

Naked and interrogated on too many cold nights

The US official, just out for a pee
“Hey! You ain’t got no stink’n rights”

The stock market is up and the US, is the great economy
But for those called Detainee the Market is down
It’s all your fault, Detainee as CNN shows you to the world
The coalition of the willing is being led by a clown


It seems now that your hush-hush incarceration
Has become our worldwide humiliation.
Thank you for this priceless education.

Many more will die on countless cold nights
For a Bill that is true
Because ALL of us have rights
They are entrusted to me, they are entrusted to you

It gives me such terrible frights
We should all be chilled, through and through
Do you understand and treasure these rights
If you remain silent, they will continue to be stolen from you

With compassion I gladly jump into the fray
For all those who have been called detainee
My heart aches for that wonderful day
Your release lets us hear your name, a sound that sets us all free.

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

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