Sunday, July 24

Ya' Think?

If you ask them
Most folks would say

I'm really quite sure that "I"

Had a thought today


Thoughts about cake

Thoughts about candy

Thoughts that make them

Feel a bit randy


There is a thought that

Many have agreed

It is the one thought that

Allows the mind to be freed


Dive deep and float to the bottom

Jump big into a giant free fall

There where in the quiet it lives

The one thought that frees us all


There is a requirement

You must have a strong will

And a mind that is well trained

To be quiet and still


Here is the answer

Grab your pen your pen and get your ink

Who is the one that thinks the thoughts

That you think you think


The tool that sets you free

Always with you from birth until death

Choose to ride this powerful steed

Let your mind ride this stallion called breath


Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.


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