Friday, August 5

Brave Ice Cubes

On these hot summer days
I gather peace about me
Handfuls, heart, and head-fulls
Imagining that they are ice cubes
Melting down my back
Phillips, my bedside clock in
Green numbers is 12:01pm

Bright silver button
Its incised letters read:


The aged once white box fan
Roars away on “H”
Since way before dawn joins the chorus of
The pride of suburban lions in summer

A careful well chosen expression of color
Fresh from my daughter’s mind; freedom
Born in a moment of delight that sees only
Increased beauty where others would see
Danger of whirring blades

Brightly colored felt tipped markers
She crafts spinning rainbows of
Azure blue and mossy green
Giving me hope as the temperature
Now past 85 does it double time march
On its crusade towards the sun

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