Monday, August 1

Share your beauty; free the world

It is a splendid spring day. One of those warm afternoons with just the slightest refreshingly warm breeze blowing. You an I have just finished our run in the park. We are walking on the edge of the park by the river talking an laughing. As we pass a large oak tree we turn right and enter the park.

The park is busy, but not crowded. There are people playing volleyball and Frisbee with their dogs. Families are setting up barbecues and putting out the potato salad. On the ground we see the familiar silver and gold colored coins. They are scattered about everywhere. In some places there are many and in others there are only a few. We find a beautiful quiet space by a large elm tree and sit down.

Time seems to have stood still and the sounds of the park drift away as we talk. Soon, our lips meet as we gently lay down together. Our embrace deepens and soon we very slowly remove each others clothes. Very slow very calm and quiet we enter a deep peace as we gently stroke each others hair and bodies. The sweat from our run now gently cools us in the warm spring breeze. Soon we are gently rocking each other in a deep and soulful moment of passion and joy. Not a word was spoken. None were needed. Silently, breathlessly we finish. We smile broadly at each other and roll over on our backs. We lay there staring up at the clouds.

Soon we hear the sound of people gently applauding. First one, and then another. We sit up and see a dozen or so people surrounding us. Many are now clapping joyfully. A few come over and congratulate us. An older women is crying and her friend says to us "that was so beautiful!". A man in his 90's whispers to the woman standing next to him. She gently elbows him in the ribs, they both laugh and walk away hand in hand. There is a young couple sitting near us apparently taking notes!

Soon everyone in the crowd tosses several silver coins onto the ground near us. The small group then goes back to their fruit salads and tofu burgers. We linger a few moments longer and then lovingly help each other get dressed. We reach into our pockets and each of us takes out a small gold coin that we let freely fall to the spot on the ground where we just made love.

On the way out of the park we stop to see the sign above the entrance of the park. There are two kind old gentlemen there who have been walking through the park collecting the many silver and gold coins.

On one side the gold coins say:

"Love knows no limits"

And on the other it says:

"Enjoy the moment"

The two men put the coins into a machine that counts them and as they are counted the numbers on the sign at the entrance to the park now reads; "This week 1755 people enjoyed the moment"

The silver coins, and there are many many of these read on one side:

"The beauty you have created blesses us all"

The other side reads:
"Thank you for sharing your moment with us"

The silver coins are put into the machine and are counted. The other half of the sign now reads:

"This week 5961 people are grateful for the beauty shared with them"

We leave the park laughing as we see "our number" come up on gold side of the sign just as the silver side breaks 6000. We laugh loudly as we say together "springtime! ".

Continuing our conversation as though it never stopped we continue our walk by the river. We pass several other couples enjoying the moment as we joyfully toss many silver coins in their direction.

Each moment of passion and beauty helps erase the pain and violence in our world.

Be the Passion
Be the Love

Share your Beauty
With Everyone
Free the World

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