Friday, September 2

Release all fear

Release all fear

Steered by oldest stars with
Urgent eagerness I bite down


Eating, I am consumed by
The Wild Wisdom Nut

A gift
From the nineteen sentinels
Eldest Order, grove
Of deep forested Hazel trees

Blue moon in late August
From the great cave I emerge
Lunar eclipse now complete
My bright fire now the only light

Summit of high mountain waterfall
Hurling myself— freedom in
Freefall and tossed about
At the roaring base of the falls

I am Bradan, ancient of Salmons
Fording the depths of this wisdom well
Silently settling, deeper I go until greeted
By joyful voices of the Singing Stones

Ray of first morning sun caresses
My face as fin becomes feather
Scales to beak I am Druid-Dhubh
Blackbird from the inner Gateway

Caw! Caw! I cry!
This message from the singing stones
Caw! Caw! Swooping low over heather glens
Caw! Awaken
Caw! Caw! The hour is late

Shifter of shapes
I am

Bright is my tunic and gleaming is the
Silver buckle of the belt about my waist
Shimmering grey whiteness reflecting
The crescent moon directly over head

Ringing still my heart from just completed
Last of today’s five times prayer
Ears and nose still wet from time
Honored cleansing rite


Ritual spinning of a single
Point of stillness— round
Round I whirl

One hand heavenward the
Other towards earth
Electric current union of
Heaven and earth Illuminates me

I am

Harvest moon giant glowing
Orange lighted mist transmutes me
As I enter the Celestial Garden of Stones
My ancient and monolithic traveling companions

Calling and casting I walk the five
Paths of the great circle

I walk the path of fire
Over sacred earth my bare feet caress
Cleansed by the water of the Goddess
The breath of life ignites the inner cauldron
My Spirit is awakened as the
Wisdom Guardians arrive

Great is the Central Stone of the Henge
Keeper of sacred knowledge

Great is the Fire from the Heavens
Guardian of the Divine Spark

Great is the Eastern Wind
Bearer of the immense and coming Change

Great is the Power of the Rainstorm
Deliverer of Blessed Rebirth

The All is the One
I am

Oh sweet Death
Let not your cup pass from me
In devotion I gladly drink
Your honeyed wine of remembrance


Remembrance of all
That has yet to pass

Release now all fear
All the way
From first until last

Bring forth completion
Ancestor’s time till now
Freed from all deeds of the past
The Harvest is upon Us All

Evening Star evermore
Reaching backward and forward
Through time, space and spirit
We are transformed by your light

Beltane Fries burning brightly now
Spring breeze blows through green leaves and
Branches of the sacred Willow Grove
Stirring us from our nap

Held forever in the
Blessed heat of divine embrace
We have become the union of
All that it is and nothing at all

Oh, Here the Ancients
Calling to us now

It is time
Time for Us
To enter and in the doing
We become

We are
The Circle

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