Friday, August 5

Flow of Change

Flow of change

Nothing is
Nothing is not

Something are
Something are not

I is
You is
We is

We are not

—not static

Is there meaning in
All this is-ness
Or is-not-ness?

Where do you and I lie
What really scares us is
How great we be
In what we choose to see, only
Glean that which makes us free
To joyfully dance from first hello
Never needing to say good-bye

Maybe its not where or to know
Why we is, but being
Only power of the everlasting flow

The moon in her phases
Causing the rising tide
Planetary, primal, Human-ness
Became grace and tenderness
Magnificent wave we now comfortably ride
What we wished for becomes us in the changes


Wisdom comes not from the answers


You already possess all the answers

Wisdom Comes in the Experience
Of allowing the deep inner knowing
To flow

Streaming out
In the moment you call upon it

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Brave Ice Cubes

On these hot summer days
I gather peace about me
Handfuls, heart, and head-fulls
Imagining that they are ice cubes
Melting down my back
Phillips, my bedside clock in
Green numbers is 12:01pm

Bright silver button
Its incised letters read:


The aged once white box fan
Roars away on “H”
Since way before dawn joins the chorus of
The pride of suburban lions in summer

A careful well chosen expression of color
Fresh from my daughter’s mind; freedom
Born in a moment of delight that sees only
Increased beauty where others would see
Danger of whirring blades

Brightly colored felt tipped markers
She crafts spinning rainbows of
Azure blue and mossy green
Giving me hope as the temperature
Now past 85 does it double time march
On its crusade towards the sun

Let the trees guide us into remembrance

The way is clear and the tools are obvious for all those willing to look, and see.

I'd like you to consider perhaps a bit more closely our relationship with trees. Look at how they grow and develop. How, why and what they breathe. How we and they are so much alike. There is a deep and ancient purpose at work here.

If you have the time please find a kind looking really old tree. (The young ones tend to be a bit shy) Bring a small flower or other organic item that warms your heart as you will be leaving a gift when you are done. Sit underneath the tree such that you are comfortable and that your back and spine are in as much contact with the trunk as possible. Hugging the tree or leaning backwards against it will also work well.

Introduce yourself to the tree. First meetings, after all, should be filled with grace and gratitude. Imagine that you and the tree are one. Allow your breathing to join with the trees breathing. There is a powerful ancient connection here, allow it to fill you. Begin to see your breath as the sap running down and up the trunk of the tree. On the inhale see the energy flowing down from sun and sky through the branches and the trunk into the roots and deep into the earth. On the exhale see the energy move gently up from the roots up the trunk and out through the branches up towards the sky and sun. Repeat this process for 10 to 15 minutes.

Try to feel the energy moving like sap through both you and the tree. Let your whole body feel it, be very gentle with yourself and the tree, and especially gentle with your own energy at the base of and all along the length of your spine. Pay special attention to any sensations you have at the very top of your head and down your spine.

When you feel that you and the tree have connected a bit. Express gratitude to the tree in whatever way feels right to you. Then ask the tree to teach you how to breathe. Tell him or her that you are sorry, but you have forgotten and would like to learn again.

Listen carefully and you will be taught. When you have finished say thank you and leave your gift.

Do you think it is an accident that we and trees are so intimately connected by our breathing?

What new things enter into your awareness about your breathing?

About how the trees breathe?

About how the planet breathes?

And beyond???

Do you remember I said that the way and tools are obvious to those who look for them?

Did you remember something?

What did you experience in your time with the tree? Could you get a sense of a sap like energy moving through you and the tree? What did you feel in your spine and at the top of your head?

Is it possible that this energy/sap connects us to more than just the trees?

If you can, go back to this tree often. Ask him or her if they would consent to teaching you more. If the tree says no, say thank you and find another more willing tree. After you have found a more willing tree, bring the first one a gift (let your heart guide you).

Some older trees have grown tired of waiting for us to wake up and have become a bit stodgy. A gift will warm their heart and help them to heal. Also every tree in the grove will know of your kindness and they will also be more open to your presence.

You may even discover Things other than trees living amongst the green and growing things of the forest.