Saturday, April 28



Wisdom comes not from the answers


You already possess all the answers

Wisdom Comes in the Experience
Of allowing the deep inner knowing
To flow

Streaming out
In the moment you call upon it

Wednesday, April 25

I know my teacher?

I know my teacher?

How is it that
We let our fears
Have such an
Unchecked controlling
Interest in our lives?

Does the desire
For imaginary safety
Grip us so tightly
That we compel
Danger into creation?

Those people, really
They are not like us!
Our reasons for revulsion
And anger, are
After all so reasonable

When did it become
So reasonable to choose
The different, changeable
And unexpected moments
As the lair of danger?

At what point did
We become so in tune
With all future events
We instantly divine who is
Our teacher with today’s lesson?

And who is not?

Sunday, April 8

An Open Door

An Open Door

So many years
Intensity gripped my heart
From birth to now

Be still

Not seen as if
Never approaching
As common as grass

Be still

Before me wide
Open as though
Was I expected?

Be still

Certainly not
What I expected
Shivering, trembling awe

Be still

Not barred by it
Backwards known to well
Freely I step through


Breathing in but
Not enough, winded
Nothing to stand on

Be Calm

All is released
Fallen away into
Loving past. Darkness only

Be Calm

All reference to
Any former vanishes
Tentatively, floating nothingness


Nothing, only everything
Empty, yet full
Opened fully to the embrace

Be light

Light, only light
Flowing outward loving
The light embrace

Be light

Watching darkness
Lovingly, gently
Yielding to the light


Fully becoming light
Not surrounding not
Filling. Both and neither

Be fearless

Solid fully standing
On sacred no-ground
Moment, no passing, moment

Be fearless

I am lifted no
I lift myself
Flying past seeming knowledge


Knowing is now
Devoid of knowledge
Separation never was

Be safe

Always at hand
Living unseen in
Each forgotten breath

Be safe

Sunrise, no, not on
The distant shore. Sunrise
The heart-breath flows


Immense and powerful
Weighted and heavy
Holds me, cannot move

Be Peace

Seen clearly now
Danger never was
Defense and attack only choices

Be Peace

Huge gentleness becoming
Free and flowing harmless
Stillness, calmness only safety


Through the open
Doorway traveled many
To where it begins

Be Love

Becoming free only
To voice heart light
Releases others to become light

Be Love

Seeing only light instead
Of form no longer distanced
You are me, I am you

Be Love

Peace through the doorway
Of letting go unclenches
The heart knowing only love


Love is without
Need and returns as
You are filled, filling another


Copyright © 2007 William A. York. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, April 4

The Dance

The Dance

Every Garden is nourished regardless
Of the size of the raindrop that blesses it

The garden embraces the raindrop
The raindrop surrenders to the garden

The garden surrenders to the abundance
Of the raindrop and is made beautiful

In a loving embrace the Raindrop
Is transformed into the beautiful garden

The garden and the raindrop become
Inseparable in their love dance

The love that calls the dance
Of the raindrop and the garden

Is the same love that never stops
Inviting us to dance together

Even the powerful spring rainstorm
Begins with a single drop

Even the grand public gardens
Began with a single fragile tiny shoot

To become the power of the spring rainstorm
Is to know yourself as the single raindrop

To be as grand as the public garden
First know yourself to be the fragile tiny shoot

When you choose to be the garden embrace
Each single raindrop that surrenders to you

When you choose to be the raindrop surrender
To each garden that embraces you

As I surrender into your embrace
We are both blessed and nourished

As you surrender into my embrace
We are both made more beautiful

When I am the rain drop I willingly
Surrender into your loving embrace

When I am the garden I open fully and embrace
The blessed nourishment of your love

The love dance of the raindrop and the garden
Blesses the world with their power and beauty

Our love dance will transform the world
Will you be a garden or a raindrop today?