Sunday, August 26

She leads me

She leads me

The madness surrounds me.
Wild, crazed, violent
madmen, berserkers
of greed, power
and blood lust continue
their antediluvian creed
of slash, loot, rape and burn.

Taking my hand, She
leads carefully through
forgotten forests into the
highlands of an unfamiliar youth.
Here, underneath the gentle
music of dragonfly wings
lives the cool still waters of remembrance.

"Dive Deep", She says
"Wash away all memories
of the former madness, for it is
you, no longer. Your quest, while a
seeming fools-errand to many, that you
walked with such honor and grace was
always a holy pilgrimage, is now complete."

Striving to live from the gentleness
of your heart has lead you to the
Heart Treasure of the Ancients. Allow the
gleaming golden light to flow through you. Offer
it freely with every breath. For this is the wake-up
call of Gaia .

She leads me into the stillness
underneath the gentle music of dragonfly wings;

Sweet words, she whispers
"Weaver of Rainbows,
it has begun!"

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