Sunday, October 7

I am better?

I am better than you?

My holy book is better
Than your holy book
You can plainly see
Right there in the red letter
It even says so in verse thirty-three
See things my way, you will fare better

My God is bigger
Than your God of old
My holy book says it’s true
I am a king and you are a beggar
So do as you’re told
If you know what’s good for you

My cleric is better
Than your cleric
My children are
All willing to die
He has promised them
A dozen virgins in the sky

My country is better
Than your country
My country is better it’s true
The media tells the government’s lies
But hey, don’t criticize!
Or you’ll disappear too!

Our weapons are bigger
Than your weapons
For mass destruction they’ll do
If you’re a rouge state
We’ll over compensate
And use our weapons on you

Our profit is more
Important than you are
The holy mad cow of corporate greed
Another nation has been freed
Tens of thousands are dead
The stock market is up, the media said

Kill all the infidels
Those who are different must die
Their lives are a lie
Our religions and
Our presidents tell us why
If you don’t change, you’ll die

All the different ones are dead
Together we killed them it’s true
So much safer is our nation now
Is the fear gone? Are we over this dread?
I see your eyes are not blue
You are the different one now!

Go ahead! Kill me, I’ll kill you right back
We groveled worshiped and paid no heed
To Corporations and religions of violence and greed
Oh how we loved those beautiful whores
Did we settle the score after 10,000 wars
It is they who should have been given the sack

There is no one left
I am better than who?
You murdered me and I slaughtered you
Our combined weapons did their
Mass destruction bit
And put and end to all our pretentious shit

We live on this planet, it is our only one
You do the calculations, and I’ll do the math
I’ll put down my knife and you put down your gun
Let us sing songs of love together in the sun
Together we can walk a nonviolent path
Or only the cockroaches will have the last laugh

Copyright ©2007 William A. York, All Rights Reserved.

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