Sunday, October 14

Metric or Imperial Poem version

Metric or Imperial

It is those experiences with the infinite,
those divine moments that continue to bless us and
the world around us.

Any attempt
to contain them or
make our experience
of the Divine or that of another


to some


only diminishes
the blessed gift we

and our ability to


that gift with others.
The Divine experience is

neither imperial or metric.

Does it
really make sense to try
and measure something that is infinite?

Our appreciation
and experience of beauty and love
is not improved by the search for


that mark out the points of beauty, the


that calculates compassion, or the

measured flask

that dispenses the correct amount of love.

There is no protractor precise
enough or tape measure long enough
to describe all the Divine and Infinite beauty

that surrounds us,

flows through us and

fills us with each breath we take.

let us rejoice in this.

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