Saturday, November 24

Why Om Thunders

Most of you know me here from my poetry, but I thought it time, with all that is happening here that I would post more personal stuff about me.

First, why the name Omthunders?

Well, in some traditions the sound of Om, often spelled, Aum, is considered the first sound made when the multiverse was made. About 10 or 11 years ago I was meditating on this idea of a first sound and it dawned on me that any sound, small or large, that arises out of total silence would be quite loud or even "thunderous". Not long after that I was looking for a user name, and, Omthunders, popped into my head. I choose not to use the traditional spelling of Aum as I wanted my user-name to reflect the idea of the first sound and not imply that I am the first sound.

The name has worked out well as a user-name as I have yet to see those wonderful words "Sorry that user-name is unavailable".

I have other names as well. The two notable ones are "Pema Tashi" given to me by a Tibeten Lama and Rainbow Weaver which is a name that many in my local Portland community know me by and often shows up in my poetry, usually when the Goddess is speaking in a direct way towards me. Some just call me Rainbow. Very hippy and 60's-ish I know but since I did not choose it, but was rather given it by the Earth Mother I use it and cherish it very much.

Ok, on to other stuff. This next bit is sort of an expanded summary of my beliefs. Some of you will agree with some things here, others will disagree and still others will have no opinion at all. This is as it should be, as there are really only three choices anyway. Further I post these beliefs here publicly as a way for those who are interested and for those who have asked to get to know me a bit better.

Please know that I am confidant enough in my beliefs, in that they are right for me, as to be able to say that agreeing with me does not help me feel more "correct" about what I believe and that disagreeing with me causes me no feelings of being attacked or challenged in any way. I do not feel the need to prove myself right or another wrong in order to increase my faith in what I believe. Ok, here goes. (in random order)

1. It is my experience that all things are fully alive. For me all that is alive is sacred. No life is expendable. Wanton destruction of any life on the planet to me is unacceptable.

2. To build a loving world it is not OK to hate. To claim to want love but justify hate is counterproductive.

3. There is only love.

4. Loving and nurturing families, extended families and the families we choose to make out of our closest friends are one of the foundational elements in the creation of a loving and compassionate world. The ability to love, nurture, to have patience, to forgive, a willingness to be flexible, to teach, to learn, to be grateful and to be open to change are some of the qualities needed to build a strong loving and nurturing family. One's gender, gender orientation, or sexual preference(s) has no bearing on someone's capacity to love or build a nurturing family.

5. The infinite and divine in me that is capable of appreciating and creating beauty, giving or receiving compassion, offering and accepting forgiveness and of giving and receiving love is, not contained, nor controlled, or bound to, or governed by any book or writings, past, present or future, but rather by each choice I make in the moment I make it.

6. Only this moment.

7. What other people believe, or say or how they act is a choice on their part. They may not be conscious or aware that they are making a choice or they may be making a choice out of fear or hatred or one born of misunderstanding. However, none of their actions, words or beliefs dictate a particular response on my part. For me, with all my heart and strength I will always strive to see only love and offer only forgiveness. A bit of side note here, the shaman/seer part of me will often experience situations on a range of different levels which will tend to add color and poetry to a given response that often shows up in my writings and in the healing work I do.

8. Leave no heart felt feelings of love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, gentleness or tenderness go unspoken or un-acted upon ever. Even if it feels, sounds or looks corny. Life is too short to leave anything heart-felt go unspoken.

9. Some parts of my path will, by necessity, need to be walked alone.

10. Whenever possible acknowledge others for their courage, beauty, compassion and love.

11. When I fall down, I choose to forgive myself, dust myself off as required, stand up and take another step. (repeat as needed)

12. Try to spend as much time as I spend eating and talking in silent stillness and spend at least one day per month in total silence.

13. Live a simple life and share everything.

From my heart,

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