Thursday, September 20

Top 10 ways to Experience the Goddess

Top 10 ways to experience the Goddess

1. Forgive the person who has offended you. As you forgive you are
forgiven. (this includes forgiving yourself)

2. Dance, drum and chant for the person who sees only your body. Those
who do not see the light of the Goddess in others do not see it in

3. Be still. Breathe in. Breathe out. Allow the peace that is your
center flow freely through your entire being.

4. Love flows freely from the heart that has let go of violence. Love
does not know attack.

5. Honor the divine and glorious in others, but not at the expense of
overlooking your own.

6. See the divine hand of the Goddess in all experiences and magic
will happen.

7. Know that you are enough. You were not created incomplete.

8. Take a moment out of each day to send blessings of healing, love,
and abundance to those who have less than you.

9. Take time each day to talk to the Goddess.

10. Take time each day to listen to the Goddess.

This is my own personal list. I encourage you to make your own and
share it with those close to you.

Love and Abundance,