Saturday, October 20

A trail of Moon dust

A Trail of Moon dust

She calls to me
with tenderness
and longing in her voice.

I answer Her beauty
with total surrender, She
completes me, body and soul.

In this union, the
passionate merging
of Infinite and Mortal.

Her Words, more delicate
than dew drops move through me,
powerful as the fall thunderstorm.

Molding and shaping me into
heart, body and soul of
whatever form is most pleasing to Her.

My ears her lips caress
Her gentle voice quietly whispering
these words I now write.

"Until next time,... Rainbow"
She departs leaving
a trail of Moon dust behind.

My heart calls to Her
with tender longing
"When will you return?"

Sing me your song, Rainbow,
your melody and mine are the same,
in the next breath I will be there.



Goddess holds me tenderly
all night long, and holds
my hand walking through tulip gardens
during the day.

Can it get any better than this?

A whisper in my ear

"I don't know...can it?"

so close
feeling her warm breath
wet on my ear

"Yes, Rainbow, it can!"