Wednesday, April 16


The process of defining is also the process of creating limits. When I say "I know" I am really announcing that I do not know. When it is announced that "this is the way", the way has already become obscured.

Give me an experience of you who you are, of your genuine being-ness and I will be present with you for hours and perhaps a lifetime.

Talk to me about what you believe, and after about 10 minutes I will have better things to do.

Talk to me about your accomplishments from the past, and I will not be moved.

Share with me an idea and your willingness to make it real, in a way that we can accomplish together, and I will stand by your side, so intimately, that the sweat of our combined efforts will hit the ground as a single drop, and I will pray that our journey together never ends.

Tell me how to be, and I promise, I will be, not that.

Allow me to be naked in your presence, and I will be with you forever.

If I open myself to you fully, how will you respond?