Tuesday, May 6

For Michael

Holding you close, always.

My beloved Michael, cherishing the infinite space in my heart you will forever occupy. Love is not bound by time, nor distance, nor dimensions. Wherever you are, and no matter where I am, our hearts will always find each other.

Our thirty years together was merely the doorway to the infinite that awaits us both, when my tears of grief are transformed into tears of joy. May our next adventure be as glorious as this last one.




Last night was hard for me. So much fear, terror, even. Lasted for 6 hours, I don't remember falling asleep, but it was well after 3 am.

Sadly, now I know why. (holding back a flood of emotions and tears) My oldest and dearest male friend, Michael, whom I have known since 1978 has had a massive stroke while living and teaching in South Korea. The doctors say that if he wakes up today he will be a vegetable but that it is more likely that he will not survive that long.

Sobbing, uncontrollable convulsive waves of tears, I love you Michael,..............

Too much grief.