Tuesday, May 19


The last 12 months have been the hardest of my life. The lightening quick ending of a 26 year marriage, partnership and friendship. The loss of my best friend of 30 years and the loss of other close friends. I am a poet and writer. Writing helps me move through both the joys and the fears and the pain with swifter and more useful degrees of grace and wisdom.

Right now life is challenging, so the poetry reflects that.


Be in joy, in all ways!



I feel like my life is shutting down.



Shut out and shut off.

of watching the passing
of close friends; am I next?

of being befriended only to be taken from.
of watching friends being cruel to other friends.

I choose a simple life and am hated for it.

I ache. Body and soul.

Thursday, May 7


The following is a "Waku," or "Waka" in some translations. In any case, it is similar to a Haiku in that it follows the 5 - 7 - 5 syllabic form, but it adds an additional 7 syllable, new line at the end. I find the form challenging and fun to work with. Enjoy!


Walking alone now.
Silence my new companion.
Freezing. Cold Springtime.

Hard lessons. Allowing pain.