Monday, July 20

In the Middle of Central

In the Middle of Central

Gracious and grand
convenient and central
Spacious. Splendid. Station.

Busier than, ...

(sorry, unavoidable)

Swarming pan-directional legions.
Thousands swell to tens of thousands.
Myriads of wasps from the ivory towers above mingle
with the phalanx of army ants from the canyons below
A tsunami of work-a-day burst
through every door. North. East. South. West.

They come! They Crowd! They mass!
5:03 Flash Mob, five days a week.
They are HERE!

Shuffle step, one forward, two to the right
tightly bound still fiercely independent.
forage they must the
tunnels of ordinary sameness;

Lackawanna, Chappaqua, Mahopac, Webatuck, Naugatuck, Wappingers Falls, Ossining, Matamoras! Departing in two minutes!

Close, so very close. Too close. Aqua-
Velva mixes with Channel in delicate
melange’. Shaken and stirred, with vibrant
sadly memorable, pedestrian, urban sweat!

Throngingly, the mobile mosh pit must run
Boob to back & nut
to butt,
daily they make their quest for home.

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