Friday, December 11

Great Mac Software - Gmail Studio

Wow! Just download a cool gmail desktop app. called Gmail Studio It is fantastic. It lets me keep all my gmail accounts in one place. (there are legions) Be sure to check the link. Mac users only. (cause we'er "special") This will save me tons of time ! ! !

Here is the description from their website:

Gmail Studio is the must have Gmail integration for the OSX desktop. Gmail Studio gives you unobtrusiveness desktop access to your Gmail and Gmail for Google Apps accounts. Gmail Studio allows you to check unlimited number of Gmail accounts. You can also view messages right on your desktop, in the addition to archiving messages so you can process your emails without even logging into Gmail.

Gmail Studio color codes your accounts so you can easily identify your different accounts. Using the IMAP protocol, Gmail Studio will work even when the Gmail web interface is down. Gmail Studio allows you to put individual or all accounts to sleep so the will not be checked automatically until they are woken up. You can monitor any of your Gmail tags, or just the Inbox. Below are some of the great features of Gmail Studio:

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