Wednesday, July 15

The way of verse 21

The way of verse 21

Those who proclaim to know the way
have obliterated it, and become lost.

The delicate weave of a spiders web carried on
the breeze rewards the patient ones with beauty.

Unraveling that which is already complete, the intricate
tapestry transfigures into useless chaotic threads.

The unskilled attempt to build more of what is already
too much. Skill innovates from the not yet imagined.

Surrounded by the present. The empty, the not present,
the infinite void caresses the midwife of creation.

It is common to name a child at birth. Can we be certain that
the Name is water for a seed and not the first coffin nail?

Every day we murder each other in dispute over
ideas. It is time for some ideas to die instead.

Copyright a new word.

Magnisplendit ©: To be magnificent and resplendent at the same time.

Moses motored his magnisplendit monorail about the moat.

Moly and the Mochacinnos

Moses motored his
magnispleindit © monorail
of molybdenum about
the moat in a thoroughly modern fashion.

Imbibing his mocha.

His mostly monogamous minions
moistened their mohawks whilst
gaining momentum and
moaning of monotonous mobility
meandering past the mortuary.

Quite moronic were their
monocles and their modular
monochrome mohair motorcycles.

Magnisplendit © is a a copyrighted work of art. Copyright © 2009 William A. York. All rights reserved.