Friday, September 25

Must we? (revised 9-25-09)

Must We?

Standing on the hard ground of my own center I have discarded the desire to prove myself right. In a similar, yet vastly more strenuous task, I have wrenched away from my heart the choice called; prove others wrong. What is this need for evidence? How does proof, prove anything? Are we better for it? How is it that our sister, filled with anger fueled by years of violent hatred, can read scripture, and choose to put down the brick, that she had already intended to heave at her brother.

Without previous malice in his heart, our brother, after reading scripture, has been instructed to hurl a stone at his sister. Someone “wiser” than he, has told him it must be this way. I find it odd, scary, frightening even. I ask you, is this an example of proper evidence, for either behavior? Let’s be honest here. Do we really need some document, historic, sacred, profane or otherwise to tell us what we already know?

Simply put, why waste our time looking for justification to bash each others head’s in or try to dignify bombing our neighbors into the stone age. When we all know it is just plain wrong.

Despite all the reasonable reasons, that our Gods give us, and their sinister and sycophantic bootlicks proclaim to us, implore us, demand of us to believe, there is another choice.

Yes, the Books tell us to kill.

The gods joyfully give their approval.

Must we listen?