Sunday, January 17

Welcome to 2010

The rules are different now, if we so choose. What beautiful, new and brightly colored threads have you picked out, what pattern of warp and weft will you select as you prepare your sacred loom and which treadles will push or not push as you begin to weave your life's tapestry for this new decade?

I am e
xcited to see the magnisplendance of that which you are already creating in this moment. We are not in Kansas anymore, (well, those of you in Kansas are likely still there) and the magical land of OZ awaits each of us, right out side our front door.

Ask yourself this: what are the current choices I have made about my life, concious or otherwise, what does the inner landscape of my life look like and how or what do I wish to make different, before my feet hit the ground each day, in this new and freshly minted month, year and decade?

Sing, dance, infuse each moment with passion but most of all love and allow yourself to beoved with each breath you take, with every word you speak.

Remember, you are loved, always, far beyond your ability to measure.

In joy,


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