Monday, March 29


Stars light the quiet
Silence colored by strong breeze
Whirling joyful Spring

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Grain and lumber pass.
Engines whine and boxcars bang!
Rain. Spring's companion.

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Monday, March 22


Paying attention.
Eyes, mind, heart open. Seeing.
Water looks at moon.

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First Geese

Geese fly overhead
Soaring. Squaking, they race home
First geese of spring. Smiles

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Cherry blossoms fall
The river is filled with them
Swirling, spinning. Joy

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Razor's Edge

Winter's wind cuts me
Spring is here, yet still I bleed
Silence binds my wounds

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Wednesday, March 17

Thoughts on winter, as it departs

Obscurity. When you are alone. Truly alone. It is so very quiet. But the quiet is so deafeningly loud that it makes my ears ring.

Solitude had its downside. This is it. To find that one kindred spirit is perhaps a mountain too steep, a river too wide, and a path too long for me to walk
. This deep longing I must learn to let go of, for it no longer serves me.

Pain is perhaps an ally but it is not my friend. Tonight I am changed. Steeled against the cold, I wrap my cloak tighter, lest what little warmth I have left escapes me.

Tuesday, March 16

In Celebration of the Snakes

All Snakes Day

The victors get to write the history and so the murderer, becomes the saint. The slaughtered become the villains that "had" to be eliminated. Yet the truth remains, that the Snakes, my Sisters and Brethren, my beloved Wise Ones, the ones who suckled at our mother's breast, have not been forgotten.

On this day, All Snakes Day, I light a candle for those who have fallen, who were taken from us. On this day, I celebrate the wisdom of my Ancestors, those, Gelits, Kenning Merlins, Druids, Wise Women, and Witches alike, the keepers of ancient wisdom. 

To all my good and wise kin of the forest let not anger fill your heart, lest we become like the so called saint whose drunken followers celebrate his ancient blood lust in new found gross frenzy. 

The flame burns bright inside me in honor of Snakes of this Holy Day.

Saturday, March 6




My own humaness

The stories of humanity
Reverberate in my ears
The singular song
Of my own soul

Resounds in my heart

Sing to me the
Song of your soul
For the harmony to be found
In the delicate intertwining of our
Combined melody sings of
Passion and beauty so powerful
It transforms all it touches

It is this love song
That allows hatred
To be forgotten and
Compassion to flourish

Monday, March 1

Two short, one long

Two Short, one long

As she exits the Eastern Colombia River Gorge I am awakened by the deep rumblings of an old friend.

For more than forty-five minutes I feel her presence. The matron's deep resonate vibrations massage my floor and tickle my bedroom window. Five miles away, a lilting chant cracks open the stillness of the quiet night air.

Two short, roooo woooo

One long, rooooooooooooooooooooo

Abrupt silence. Twenty or so minutes pass and the melody returns.

Outside my window now, two short, one long. Dogs bark and a car alarm goes off.

Roooo woooo, rooooooooooooooooooooo

Diesel engines smoke and snarl, electric motors whine and moan as a hundreds of boxcars, overloaded with grain crash and smash. Without mercy, beating the cold steal rails.

As she passes, I hear her brothers and sisters. Brakes howl and wheels cry out as they bite hard into the tracks. One by one they descend through that tight, decreasing radius turn that marks their exit from the gorge.

In two days time she will return.

Two short, one long.