Tuesday, March 16

In Celebration of the Snakes

All Snakes Day

The victors get to write the history and so the murderer, becomes the saint. The slaughtered become the villains that "had" to be eliminated. Yet the truth remains, that the Snakes, my Sisters and Brethren, my beloved Wise Ones, the ones who suckled at our mother's breast, have not been forgotten.

On this day, All Snakes Day, I light a candle for those who have fallen, who were taken from us. On this day, I celebrate the wisdom of my Ancestors, those, Gelits, Kenning Merlins, Druids, Wise Women, and Witches alike, the keepers of ancient wisdom. 

To all my good and wise kin of the forest let not anger fill your heart, lest we become like the so called saint whose drunken followers celebrate his ancient blood lust in new found gross frenzy. 

The flame burns bright inside me in honor of Snakes of this Holy Day.

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