Monday, January 20

Ancient & New

A new, and already dear friend wrote this today and sent it to me. It is quite lovely.

I think of two forest guardians...

 One of the day, one of the night. They each wear a key around their necks, emblem of their office, but the sanctum arborus it does not open. Until one day they meet at the eldritch gate, and embracing, the keys pressed between their breasts becomes one key. It fits the ancient portal perfectly. Click.

Pebbles & Ripples

From Today: My dearest friends, each of us toss many pebbles into this grand, cosmic lake. Though the ripple effect from today's pebbles may never be seen by us, it's effects are still felt. The effectiveness of each pebble we cast, thankfully is not controlled by our ability to see the ripples, but by the amount of love we place inside each and every pebble that we cast. Cast freely. Cast often. Cast from your heart. Breathe. Smile. Take another step, knowing that the world has already started changing because of you.