Friday, September 2

Help if you can

Release all fear

Release all fear

Steered by oldest stars with
Urgent eagerness I bite down


Eating, I am consumed by
The Wild Wisdom Nut

A gift
From the nineteen sentinels
Eldest Order, grove
Of deep forested Hazel trees

Blue moon in late August
From the great cave I emerge
Lunar eclipse now complete
My bright fire now the only light

Summit of high mountain waterfall
Hurling myself— freedom in
Freefall and tossed about
At the roaring base of the falls

I am Bradan, ancient of Salmons
Fording the depths of this wisdom well
Silently settling, deeper I go until greeted
By joyful voices of the Singing Stones

Ray of first morning sun caresses
My face as fin becomes feather
Scales to beak I am Druid-Dhubh
Blackbird from the inner Gateway

Caw! Caw! I cry!
This message from the singing stones
Caw! Caw! Swooping low over heather glens
Caw! Awaken
Caw! Caw! The hour is late

Shifter of shapes
I am

Bright is my tunic and gleaming is the
Silver buckle of the belt about my waist
Shimmering grey whiteness reflecting
The crescent moon directly over head

Ringing still my heart from just completed
Last of today’s five times prayer
Ears and nose still wet from time
Honored cleansing rite


Ritual spinning of a single
Point of stillness— round
Round I whirl

One hand heavenward the
Other towards earth
Electric current union of
Heaven and earth Illuminates me

I am

Harvest moon giant glowing
Orange lighted mist transmutes me
As I enter the Celestial Garden of Stones
My ancient and monolithic traveling companions

Calling and casting I walk the five
Paths of the great circle

I walk the path of fire
Over sacred earth my bare feet caress
Cleansed by the water of the Goddess
The breath of life ignites the inner cauldron
My Spirit is awakened as the
Wisdom Guardians arrive

Great is the Central Stone of the Henge
Keeper of sacred knowledge

Great is the Fire from the Heavens
Guardian of the Divine Spark

Great is the Eastern Wind
Bearer of the immense and coming Change

Great is the Power of the Rainstorm
Deliverer of Blessed Rebirth

The All is the One
I am

Oh sweet Death
Let not your cup pass from me
In devotion I gladly drink
Your honeyed wine of remembrance


Remembrance of all
That has yet to pass

Release now all fear
All the way
From first until last

Bring forth completion
Ancestor’s time till now
Freed from all deeds of the past
The Harvest is upon Us All

Evening Star evermore
Reaching backward and forward
Through time, space and spirit
We are transformed by your light

Beltane Fries burning brightly now
Spring breeze blows through green leaves and
Branches of the sacred Willow Grove
Stirring us from our nap

Held forever in the
Blessed heat of divine embrace
We have become the union of
All that it is and nothing at all

Oh, Here the Ancients
Calling to us now

It is time
Time for Us
To enter and in the doing
We become

We are
The Circle

Monday, August 29

Fires in the night sky

Stars and Planets dancing
Lighting a mist filled path

Sensing deep movement
As the Moon and Stars
Are Birthed inside me

Waves of ancient toning
Voicing the great energies
Plot a course for the sprouting mustard seed
And blooming chrysanthemum

Longing to be held
Moon, Mars and Mercury
Leaping into each others arms
Spinning together— Faster now
Soaring with the ancient clan

Held tightly in celebration; homecoming tears flow
The time of parting now over
By the great hall fire we remember
Each other In Joyful embrace my
Daughter, Brother and Wise Old Friend

Sun, Earth
Stars and Milky Way
In firm and intimate welcome
Letting the Aeons pass in earnest tango
Past the Fires of the night sky

Tender lovers they whisper
Their no longer silent longings
Hold me closer they say
We have secrets to share

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 21

What is power?

Earth Mother speaks with the Weaver of Rainbows

“Earth Mother?”

“Yes Rainbow Weaver—“

“What is power?”

Those who thirst for power
Live a restless insatiable existence
Forever failing to slake themselves
Chasing after leprechaun water
Drawn from fairy wells

Those who seek to gain power in this way
Attempting to steal it away from others
Will have gained nothing for their efforts

Power is sought after
By those who are afraid

“Why are they afraid, Earth Mother?”

They are filled with fear
For they have forgotten how to love
They remember not that they are
Love itself

Oh Blessed Rain Forest
Ancient Sentinels of Wisdom
Creators, keepers and deliverers
Of the Sacred Sap that
Flows through all living things
Your love is the air that fills our lungs

Love is your most intimate self
Totally free you have forever been
From the core of your being
This Love/Life Force flows outward

All life is energized
A great light is the power of love
That breathes eternally through you

To forget this is to
Have forgotten yourself
Surrounded by darkness in
A frightful dream
Nightmares you believe are real
So real; So Real! You
Choose not to wake up

“If I fall asleep Earth Mother, will you wake me?”

“I just did, Rainbow Weaver”

The great forests and the
Marianas of the deep oceans
Ancient hearts pound the drums
The drums of Remembrance
And awakening from the dream

Ring of fire volcanoes, how
They rattle the mantel and shake to the core
Great plates crack, chip and break

Who calls this Cosmic tumultuous Dance?

Here is a living sentient, primal power
Behold! The great Fires!
Driving the forge of creation itself!
Where is the driver of this great Chariot?

Giant Mountain!
Great knuckled boulder hands
Gnarled fingers like the twisted burls
Ancestors of now living maple trees
Hold the reigns of pure lightening
Thunderous booming voice causing
The planets to spin and stars to explode!

So tiny and gentle it is
Swift and precise
An arrow hitting it’s mark
Before it is even
Loosed from the bow

Has time stood still?
Time never was

Love is the Arrow
Flying so free from your heartstrings
Your core being having become
The gentle re-curves
From an ever blooming Yew tree

Rainbow Weaver this power
Resides in you— this is the
Love that called you in to being
Resplendent is the Energy alive
Through every cell and layer of yourself
Your loves has called all things into creation

Can you see now?
The quest for power is
But a fool’s errand
Phantom memories from
A nightmare that never was

To stand
To speak
To fearlessly love
From this most gentle place
Is to know the full power of your being
Is to be in full command of the energy
Continuously creating all that you see

Know yourself
As only this
Is to see that the Great Power
Flows equally through
All Living Things

(Earth Mother offers a hint!)

“There is nothing, seen or unseen, that is not fully and beautifully alive!”

“Thank-you, Earth Mother”

“You are welcome, Rainbow Weaver”

Copyright © William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Earth Mother, teach me about love?

Earth Mother talks with the Weaver of Rainbows

“Earth Mother?”
“Yes, Rainbow Weaver—“

“Teach me about love?”

Love is the smell of jasmine
At first light on the warm
Moist breeze of Summer Solstice

Love is the way Mount St. Helens
Rumbles, dances, and then
Is suddenly silent
In the cool morning stillness
It is the great plume of
Ash and steam that love
Propels towards the stars

Love is the beauty of this moment
Seeing brightness in your eyes

Love is choice
Love is choosing to see clearly
Unafraid and face to face
Nose to nose and eye to eye

Love is knowing that
We choose to love and also
What we choose to love

Love is the sunlight
Warming the cool wet sand
Under your bare feet

Love is in the knowing
Heart of every bumble bee
Humming bird and butterfly
That only has eyes for
Just the right flower

The bright silver light
Bouncing off the deep still waters
Safely guiding you home
This too, is love

Bite into that sweet
Crisp, first apple that
Begins the Autumn harvest
With juice so sweet and wet
And you will know love

Love is choice
Love is what you value

Love is knowing how
Pennies per cubic yard
Can be saved by
Dumping toxic waste into
The deep ocean at night
Thinking no one will know

Love is feeling noble
About finding a cure for
The cancer caused
By the toxic waste
In the water we all drink

Love is the sound of longing
Mournful, wailing cries
From a baby elephant
Watching, helpless and alone
His mother stumbles and falls motionless
Great is the crashing silent finality
Resounding off the steaming savannah floor

Love are the tears in his eyes
Her brains and bone and blood
On his tiny baby trunk and gentle flowing ears

The rest of the herd can
Only watch as his mother
Ancient Matron of her clan
Now systematically “harvested”
Her butchered body parts
Auctioned to the highest bidder
In the death markets of all “civilized” nations

Love is the sound of ink
Pen scratching across gilded paper
“$ 10,000 then?” says the hunter— “bout do-it” replies the guide
Love is “tourist” dollars keeping the elephant population “alive”

Love is making sure
Everything has the right price

Love is the price you
Let others put on your head

What price do you pay
When that which is made
So freely abundant to you
Is allowed to be bought and sold?

Love is choice
Love is seeing clearly

“Look into my eyes Rainbow weaver
Tell me, what do you feel and
What do you see?”

“I feel your tears on my cheek, Earth Mother
In your eyes I can see only Love”

Thank-you Earth Mother
You are welcome, Rainbow Weaver

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All rights reserved.

Friday, August 5

Flow of Change

Flow of change

Nothing is
Nothing is not

Something are
Something are not

I is
You is
We is

We are not

—not static

Is there meaning in
All this is-ness
Or is-not-ness?

Where do you and I lie
What really scares us is
How great we be
In what we choose to see, only
Glean that which makes us free
To joyfully dance from first hello
Never needing to say good-bye

Maybe its not where or to know
Why we is, but being
Only power of the everlasting flow

The moon in her phases
Causing the rising tide
Planetary, primal, Human-ness
Became grace and tenderness
Magnificent wave we now comfortably ride
What we wished for becomes us in the changes


Wisdom comes not from the answers


You already possess all the answers

Wisdom Comes in the Experience
Of allowing the deep inner knowing
To flow

Streaming out
In the moment you call upon it

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Brave Ice Cubes

On these hot summer days
I gather peace about me
Handfuls, heart, and head-fulls
Imagining that they are ice cubes
Melting down my back
Phillips, my bedside clock in
Green numbers is 12:01pm

Bright silver button
Its incised letters read:


The aged once white box fan
Roars away on “H”
Since way before dawn joins the chorus of
The pride of suburban lions in summer

A careful well chosen expression of color
Fresh from my daughter’s mind; freedom
Born in a moment of delight that sees only
Increased beauty where others would see
Danger of whirring blades

Brightly colored felt tipped markers
She crafts spinning rainbows of
Azure blue and mossy green
Giving me hope as the temperature
Now past 85 does it double time march
On its crusade towards the sun

Let the trees guide us into remembrance

The way is clear and the tools are obvious for all those willing to look, and see.

I'd like you to consider perhaps a bit more closely our relationship with trees. Look at how they grow and develop. How, why and what they breathe. How we and they are so much alike. There is a deep and ancient purpose at work here.

If you have the time please find a kind looking really old tree. (The young ones tend to be a bit shy) Bring a small flower or other organic item that warms your heart as you will be leaving a gift when you are done. Sit underneath the tree such that you are comfortable and that your back and spine are in as much contact with the trunk as possible. Hugging the tree or leaning backwards against it will also work well.

Introduce yourself to the tree. First meetings, after all, should be filled with grace and gratitude. Imagine that you and the tree are one. Allow your breathing to join with the trees breathing. There is a powerful ancient connection here, allow it to fill you. Begin to see your breath as the sap running down and up the trunk of the tree. On the inhale see the energy flowing down from sun and sky through the branches and the trunk into the roots and deep into the earth. On the exhale see the energy move gently up from the roots up the trunk and out through the branches up towards the sky and sun. Repeat this process for 10 to 15 minutes.

Try to feel the energy moving like sap through both you and the tree. Let your whole body feel it, be very gentle with yourself and the tree, and especially gentle with your own energy at the base of and all along the length of your spine. Pay special attention to any sensations you have at the very top of your head and down your spine.

When you feel that you and the tree have connected a bit. Express gratitude to the tree in whatever way feels right to you. Then ask the tree to teach you how to breathe. Tell him or her that you are sorry, but you have forgotten and would like to learn again.

Listen carefully and you will be taught. When you have finished say thank you and leave your gift.

Do you think it is an accident that we and trees are so intimately connected by our breathing?

What new things enter into your awareness about your breathing?

About how the trees breathe?

About how the planet breathes?

And beyond???

Do you remember I said that the way and tools are obvious to those who look for them?

Did you remember something?

What did you experience in your time with the tree? Could you get a sense of a sap like energy moving through you and the tree? What did you feel in your spine and at the top of your head?

Is it possible that this energy/sap connects us to more than just the trees?

If you can, go back to this tree often. Ask him or her if they would consent to teaching you more. If the tree says no, say thank you and find another more willing tree. After you have found a more willing tree, bring the first one a gift (let your heart guide you).

Some older trees have grown tired of waiting for us to wake up and have become a bit stodgy. A gift will warm their heart and help them to heal. Also every tree in the grove will know of your kindness and they will also be more open to your presence.

You may even discover Things other than trees living amongst the green and growing things of the forest.

Monday, August 1

Share your beauty; free the world

It is a splendid spring day. One of those warm afternoons with just the slightest refreshingly warm breeze blowing. You an I have just finished our run in the park. We are walking on the edge of the park by the river talking an laughing. As we pass a large oak tree we turn right and enter the park.

The park is busy, but not crowded. There are people playing volleyball and Frisbee with their dogs. Families are setting up barbecues and putting out the potato salad. On the ground we see the familiar silver and gold colored coins. They are scattered about everywhere. In some places there are many and in others there are only a few. We find a beautiful quiet space by a large elm tree and sit down.

Time seems to have stood still and the sounds of the park drift away as we talk. Soon, our lips meet as we gently lay down together. Our embrace deepens and soon we very slowly remove each others clothes. Very slow very calm and quiet we enter a deep peace as we gently stroke each others hair and bodies. The sweat from our run now gently cools us in the warm spring breeze. Soon we are gently rocking each other in a deep and soulful moment of passion and joy. Not a word was spoken. None were needed. Silently, breathlessly we finish. We smile broadly at each other and roll over on our backs. We lay there staring up at the clouds.

Soon we hear the sound of people gently applauding. First one, and then another. We sit up and see a dozen or so people surrounding us. Many are now clapping joyfully. A few come over and congratulate us. An older women is crying and her friend says to us "that was so beautiful!". A man in his 90's whispers to the woman standing next to him. She gently elbows him in the ribs, they both laugh and walk away hand in hand. There is a young couple sitting near us apparently taking notes!

Soon everyone in the crowd tosses several silver coins onto the ground near us. The small group then goes back to their fruit salads and tofu burgers. We linger a few moments longer and then lovingly help each other get dressed. We reach into our pockets and each of us takes out a small gold coin that we let freely fall to the spot on the ground where we just made love.

On the way out of the park we stop to see the sign above the entrance of the park. There are two kind old gentlemen there who have been walking through the park collecting the many silver and gold coins.

On one side the gold coins say:

"Love knows no limits"

And on the other it says:

"Enjoy the moment"

The two men put the coins into a machine that counts them and as they are counted the numbers on the sign at the entrance to the park now reads; "This week 1755 people enjoyed the moment"

The silver coins, and there are many many of these read on one side:

"The beauty you have created blesses us all"

The other side reads:
"Thank you for sharing your moment with us"

The silver coins are put into the machine and are counted. The other half of the sign now reads:

"This week 5961 people are grateful for the beauty shared with them"

We leave the park laughing as we see "our number" come up on gold side of the sign just as the silver side breaks 6000. We laugh loudly as we say together "springtime! ".

Continuing our conversation as though it never stopped we continue our walk by the river. We pass several other couples enjoying the moment as we joyfully toss many silver coins in their direction.

Each moment of passion and beauty helps erase the pain and violence in our world.

Be the Passion
Be the Love

Share your Beauty
With Everyone
Free the World

Sunday, July 24

Ya' Think?

If you ask them
Most folks would say

I'm really quite sure that "I"

Had a thought today


Thoughts about cake

Thoughts about candy

Thoughts that make them

Feel a bit randy


There is a thought that

Many have agreed

It is the one thought that

Allows the mind to be freed


Dive deep and float to the bottom

Jump big into a giant free fall

There where in the quiet it lives

The one thought that frees us all


There is a requirement

You must have a strong will

And a mind that is well trained

To be quiet and still


Here is the answer

Grab your pen your pen and get your ink

Who is the one that thinks the thoughts

That you think you think


The tool that sets you free

Always with you from birth until death

Choose to ride this powerful steed

Let your mind ride this stallion called breath


Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.


Wednesday, July 20

No Bus

More to ponder

Consider the possibility that to go deeper starts
With letting go of all that you know

All that you think you know

All that you believe you do not know.

Can you step off the bus you are on
And not look for another one?

Tuesday, July 19

Let's Begin

Starting is important
Starting should be simple
Starting is not always easy
Starting is exciting
Starting can be scary

To start is to begin
To start is to create movement

To begin is
To become the Great Stillness
When the great Stillness Moves

Great Creation Starts

Let's Begin

Copyright (c) 2005. William A. York. All rights reserved.

Thursday, July 7



Of what use
can my words be?

If you only know hatred and violence.

What magical sound
can my voice make that
would cause your heart
to reverberate with peace?

Where does love gain a foothold
when the holy books tell us
that some people Must die?

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, June 23



For Guthrie, Ginsberg, Lincoln, and King.
For the Freedom Makers. Present and past.

It is to thee I sing.

Please. Washington, Paine, Jefferson and Hale
From the first who died, Praise God, until the very last!

In your honor we must now liberty bring

Live in our hearts, let not your gifts pale.
Shine brightly now, be not small.

Your memory we burnish, how it does glisten.

You spoke out, lived and gave your all.
Wake up. It is time.

Time to listen.

Towers of power the red-tape profit makers

Speak the bureaucrats and politicians, and media fat-cats
How we are hypnotized by these 21st century Fakirs.
Grim is the dance of these drunken subway rats.

Be ye not deceived by these soul takers.

Millions piled high, their ill gotten loot.
Others write their words so they can appear hip, and funny.
Bo-tox and surgical makeovers help them stay High-Def cute.

Nothing hides their lust for blood, their lust for more honey and money.

Fie! Those Teflon scoundrels,
They got some nerve!
After breaking the laws
Feel free they do, to change
The rules of the game.

Them’s scurvy dogs!

“No fair! That’s cheat’n” we cry.

“Do-over! Do-over!”

They do not care,
They do not listen.

“And why should I”
They say.
“I am elected”
“I am official”

… “Two for one today only”
… “ Super low 0.9% financing”
… “Breaking news, …, This just in”

Such perfect timing, you don’t think, no they couldn’t have
They wouldn’t. Would they? A plan?

Don’t think about this.

We hold our values high
They are the best you see
From our forefathers and that Great Guy in the Sky
The law protects equally both you and me.

Passenger planes flown by a ghost.
You started this war, you blew up our kin
You made us question what we value most
When we find you, you’ll wish you had never been

We’re afraid, you scared us, scared us big, that’s a fact.
Watch closely now as we dance our Patriot Act.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,
That all men are created equal,
That they are endowed by their Creator
With certain unalienable Rights,
That among these are Life, Liberty…”

We have added a few disclaimers
Just read it and you will surely agree
An utter nonsense that was not intended by the Framers
Rights do not apply to those called DETAINEE

Hear what we say
Freedom belongs to us you see
You’ll be here for a nice long stay

You must not be free
Life, liberty and happiness too
Will of course no longer apply to you

They’re after us, don’t you see
We’re told, “this is how it must be”
Try to keep that in mind. Detainee.

Those who speak for you say, “They must have their day”
Well, they can all just go to hell.

“Listen up” the “Masa” say
“Detainees are treated quite well”
“Why, they had chicken just last Sunday”

The price is high now, time to sell,
Your bill is too high for us to pay
If you’ll ever be free we just cannot tell
Charges, Charges!? They’d just get in the way

Naked and interrogated on too many cold nights

The US official, just out for a pee
“Hey! You ain’t got no stink’n rights”

The stock market is up and the US, is the great economy
But for those called Detainee the Market is down
It’s all your fault, Detainee as CNN shows you to the world
The coalition of the willing is being led by a clown


It seems now that your hush-hush incarceration
Has become our worldwide humiliation.
Thank you for this priceless education.

Many more will die on countless cold nights
For a Bill that is true
Because ALL of us have rights
They are entrusted to me, they are entrusted to you

It gives me such terrible frights
We should all be chilled, through and through
Do you understand and treasure these rights
If you remain silent, they will continue to be stolen from you

With compassion I gladly jump into the fray
For all those who have been called detainee
My heart aches for that wonderful day
Your release lets us hear your name, a sound that sets us all free.

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, June 13

New Profile Photo

Decided to use my new photo for the profile picture.

The guy in the red hat

This is me by the swiming pool just a few minutes ago. Hey who stole my razor! Posted by Hello

Not Now if You Please!

That Rabbit my, pencil he has stole
Why He did it no one knows!
I have jumped down that Rabbit's hole
Just to see how far He goes!

As you may have guessed
I cannot help you, not just now!
Private time for me is blessed
Please go away, but don't have a cow!

So if you would not mind
Please come to see me later!
And, if you would be so kind
Bring with you a lovely sweet po-tater

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, May 30

Oh! How Happy am I !

Oh! How happy I am!

No more thrashing
And bashing about.

Jumping and leaping.


Having finally succeeded
In throwing this useless
Brain in the trash.

Ecstasy !

To know nothing
Is to be everything.

In this space
The Wise Heart has already
Flung all the doors open.
All that was once hidden
Is as a freshly woven tapestry
Hanging brightly in the sun.

Not some exclusive club.
All are welcome here.
Membership is free.
Simply toss your brain
In the container provided.
(you really won't miss it)

Will you walk through the open door?

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, May 27



No need
To prove
I am right.

No desire
To prove that
Others are wrong.


Blossoming into
Sublime forgetfulness.

Your heart is the
Power behind the voice
Singing the song of your soul.

Explode into the radiant beauty
Of the final judgment.
When no more do we choose to
Judge ourselves and others.

This is the moment when
We transform each other
Into the words that
Only love can speak.

Copyright © 2005 William A. York. All Rights Reserved.