Sunday, August 21

What is power?

Earth Mother speaks with the Weaver of Rainbows

“Earth Mother?”

“Yes Rainbow Weaver—“

“What is power?”

Those who thirst for power
Live a restless insatiable existence
Forever failing to slake themselves
Chasing after leprechaun water
Drawn from fairy wells

Those who seek to gain power in this way
Attempting to steal it away from others
Will have gained nothing for their efforts

Power is sought after
By those who are afraid

“Why are they afraid, Earth Mother?”

They are filled with fear
For they have forgotten how to love
They remember not that they are
Love itself

Oh Blessed Rain Forest
Ancient Sentinels of Wisdom
Creators, keepers and deliverers
Of the Sacred Sap that
Flows through all living things
Your love is the air that fills our lungs

Love is your most intimate self
Totally free you have forever been
From the core of your being
This Love/Life Force flows outward

All life is energized
A great light is the power of love
That breathes eternally through you

To forget this is to
Have forgotten yourself
Surrounded by darkness in
A frightful dream
Nightmares you believe are real
So real; So Real! You
Choose not to wake up

“If I fall asleep Earth Mother, will you wake me?”

“I just did, Rainbow Weaver”

The great forests and the
Marianas of the deep oceans
Ancient hearts pound the drums
The drums of Remembrance
And awakening from the dream

Ring of fire volcanoes, how
They rattle the mantel and shake to the core
Great plates crack, chip and break

Who calls this Cosmic tumultuous Dance?

Here is a living sentient, primal power
Behold! The great Fires!
Driving the forge of creation itself!
Where is the driver of this great Chariot?

Giant Mountain!
Great knuckled boulder hands
Gnarled fingers like the twisted burls
Ancestors of now living maple trees
Hold the reigns of pure lightening
Thunderous booming voice causing
The planets to spin and stars to explode!

So tiny and gentle it is
Swift and precise
An arrow hitting it’s mark
Before it is even
Loosed from the bow

Has time stood still?
Time never was

Love is the Arrow
Flying so free from your heartstrings
Your core being having become
The gentle re-curves
From an ever blooming Yew tree

Rainbow Weaver this power
Resides in you— this is the
Love that called you in to being
Resplendent is the Energy alive
Through every cell and layer of yourself
Your loves has called all things into creation

Can you see now?
The quest for power is
But a fool’s errand
Phantom memories from
A nightmare that never was

To stand
To speak
To fearlessly love
From this most gentle place
Is to know the full power of your being
Is to be in full command of the energy
Continuously creating all that you see

Know yourself
As only this
Is to see that the Great Power
Flows equally through
All Living Things

(Earth Mother offers a hint!)

“There is nothing, seen or unseen, that is not fully and beautifully alive!”

“Thank-you, Earth Mother”

“You are welcome, Rainbow Weaver”

Copyright © William A. York. All Rights Reserved.

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