Monday, May 16

Dab in the Middle

Dab in the Middle

Not a clue, I do not know.
Do I pen a letter
to Miss Manners, or
inquire of dear Aunt Flow?

With which spoon do I eat sorbet.
and why is that of great import?
From outside in I pick my fork.
So many rules I must obey.

One state, two state, red state, blue state
one vote, two vote, red vote, blue vote
Demo girls and Repo boys, why does 
their nonsense rule our fate.

Knowing what’s right and proper
get’s harder every day.
The microwave just beeped,
as the newsman tell’s a whopper.

My neighbor pilots a Prius,
my cousin’s in her Hummer and
a bicycle is just peachy for me. From
big oil, please just someone free us?

I don’t mean to create a flap,
but speak my mind I will.
But the hour is so very late. Time for 
this curmudgeon's cookie, milk and nap.