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The Drink to End Suffering

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Many of you have asked me about what it is that I am doing, that has enabled me to lose over 140 pounds in the last year. To some, the following will sound like mumbo-jumbo, or maybe even jumbo-mumbo, but I feel it could more properly be called, Jumbo-Mojo, for it works magic on both spirit and body. Why I feel this is so important will become self evident, and the recipe and other references will be at the end.

In Freedom & Abundance,

I love you all,

~Rainbow Weaver

The Drink to End Suffering

Slowly and mindfully prepare your first drink after rising. Be joyful, but be mindful of the bitterness and the purpose of what you are making.

Gently hold the glass with both hands against the center of your chest. (heart chakra)

Acknowledge in what ever way feels right to you that there is much suffering in this world, and the bitter drink you now hold is a small representation of this suffering. You can focus on poverty, or violence, or greed, or fear, or all of them at once if you choose. Try to open to your feelings and let them flow into the liquid in the glass. Then, let go of those feelings and breathe for a minute or two.

Fill your heart with gratitude. Deeply connect with how blessed you are to live in such abundance. Understand that you will likely eat more today than much of the rest of the world will eat in a week. If your life is so blessed to be living a raw/whole foods lifestyle, try to realize that you are blessed many times over. For you have the knowledge and the wisdom to heal your self and others. You have manifested around yourself, the lushest, freshest, most nutrient dense food on the planet, so that it is in with arms reach of you. Very, very few on this planet have this luxury. But know this; you have manifested this into your life, by the thoughts and actions you have focused. Be grateful for this unseen power that you possess. Harness it, take charge of it, but most of all teach it to others through your words and your daily actions.

Let your heart be flooded with gratitude, compassion and love for all your many blessings, and allow, visualizing if you can, all of this joy flowing into the liquid in the glass. Feel all the bitterness and suffering being transformed in to compassion and love. Try to even see, or imagine that this change is happening at the molecular, or even sub-atomic level of the liquid. If you are so gifted (and it matters not in the least if you are not! [so don’t get hung up this okay?]) see the the atoms and molecules actually changing, rearranging themselves into a beautiful and harmonious pattern, consistent with the joy now flooding out of your heart. Now relax. Breathe in a mindful way. Observe your breathing. Let it flow, unhindered in and out. Begin to slowly sip the liquid. 

With each sip, either silently or out loud, with sincerity say:

I acknowledge there is suffering in this world. This should not be.

I freely choose to envision the end of all suffering.

I freely choose to see the end of all suffering.

I freely choose to speak words today that will ease the suffering of another.

I freely allow the compassion in my heart to flow outward, blessing all life.

I freely use my personal power to help ease another’s suffering today.

I freely use my personally creativity to awaken others to the wonder of their being.

I freely use my connection to the Earth Mother, to have confidence in my safety, choosing love over fear, and I freely share this confidence with others.

I freely allow the energy of the entire multi-verse to flow through me and guide me towards my highest and best path, in each moment.

Slowly finish the drink. Sit quietly for a moment or two. With both hands raise the glass over your head and say:

All beings are free.

All beings are abundant.

All beings are loved. For I am you, you are me, we are one.

If you feel drawn to sit further, then feel free to do so. This is your moment to connect and enjoy the beauty and love that you are.


These are the words I use. If other words resonate more for you, you are welcome to use them. For example, you can use and word(s) in exchange for multi-verse, such as Goddess & God, or God, really anything you feel deeply connected to.

Drink Recipe:

1 Large 12-16 oz. glass, made of actual glass. (I now use a 20 ounce glass so I have room to stir)
Fill Glass with warm water. I like to fill the glass about half way with room tempreature water and then heat more filtered water to add to get the right temp. Warm water from the tap is not very healthy. Too many dissolved solids.

Add to the warm water:

3-5 TBSP (tablespoons) of fresh squeezed lemon juice. (I like to add the part of the lemon I used to squeeze)

These are the proportions I use, but I started out much smaller. This is powerful stuff. Start slowly, OKAY?

3 liquid ounces (6 TBSP) of organic raw apple cider vinegar. Braggs is good, but any good brand will work, as long as it contains the mother. (brown gunky stuff swirling at the bottom. Best to invert bottle a few times before using)

1/8th Teaspoon (TSP) of:

Pink Himalayan Salt
Celtic Sea Salt. (read the label carefully. There are several “Celtic” salts that are from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It’s not the same stuff.)

Two TSP of the following:



My experience is this entire process can take as little as five minutes, but it is a habit for me now. Normally I take 20-30 minutes as it is part of my daily spiritual practice. What I’m saying here is that this is an opportunity to start your day slowly and mindfully in preparation for the rest of your day. Further, I add no honey or other sweetener. This is a strongly bitter drink that has many beneficial ingredients. However, it is my experience that if my heart is open, and I am sincerely present with my words, intentions and energy, when it comes time to drink it, it always tastes sweet and refreshing.

 Individually we are more powerful than we want to believe. Collectively, we can change the world. It happens one person at a time. Will you be next?

I love you all.

For references on health benefits, possible side effects, or drug interaction warnings, please google the health benefits of:

Warm water and lemon
Himalayan Salt
Celtic Sea Salt
Cayenne Pepper

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